Street Trucks - - ASSORTED LEVELS -

Th­ese kits are great in more ways than one. First, they’re sim­ple to in­stall be­cause they typ­i­cally fo­cus on lift­ing the front end a few inches to make it even with the rear. The week­end wrench-turner can han­dle the in­stal­la­tion of most of th­ese kits, which cuts down the al­ready low in­vest­ment in th­ese pack­ages with­out the ab­so­lute ne­ces­sity to hand the task over to a shop (al­though a pro­fes­sional tech­ni­cian prob­a­bly wouldn’t charge much for the job). The mod­er­ate sus­pen­sion boost that lev­el­ing kits of­fer not only gives a truck an over­all taller ap­pear­ance, gain­ing just a few inches frees enough room to run a larger wheel-and-tire combo, too. Get the look and feel of a mod­est lift with­out hav­ing to fork over a frac­tion of the cash.

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