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Mak­ing Clas­sic Truck Doors Close Like New

HAVE YOU EVER taken apart an old door latch? The en­gi­neer­ing be­hind them can be pretty in­ter­est­ing. Thing is, they typ­i­cally don’t work very well after 50-plus years of use, caus­ing sag­ging doors, or doors that need to be slammed to shut cor­rectly. You could cut out those old things and weld in some new ones, but that’s not al­ways the best way to go. Not only can the new latches be dif­fi­cult to line up per­fectly, but there’s a more ob­vi­ous ques­tion: What if your truck al­ready has paint?

Nick at Hub­cap’s Hot Rod De­sign in Phoenix has been deal­ing with crappy latches for a long time, and re­cently, he dis­cov­ered a prod­uct that’s been around for years: the Altman Easy Latch Kit by Trique Man­u­fac­tur­ing. These kits bolt into place, and al­though there’s a lit­tle bit of cut­ting in­volved, get­ting them into place and sorted is sim­ple enough that any­one can do it. Plus, they look sharp and work with all of the fac­tory han­dles, both in­te­rior and ex­te­rior.

In this case, Nick is work­ing on a cus­tomer’s

’53 F-100. He’s al­ready done a right-hand-drive con­ver­sion on the truck, and added a bunch of other good­ies, but now the truck is in paint and still needs the latches sorted out. So, when he told us about the so­lu­tion to his prob­lem, we fig­ured we’d tag along and check it out. Here are the re­sults.

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