Ford Bump-side/dent-side

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THESE TWO TERMS RE­FER TO TWO GEN­ER­A­TIONS OF FORD TRUCKS. Bump-side refers to Ford F series trucks of 1967-72 vin­tage, which fea­ture a pro­trud­ing body­line mid­way down the cab and bed, hence the “bump” in “bump-side.” Dent-sides, on the other hand, have body­lines that go in­ward, much like a dent in a body panel, ex­cept it’s on pur­pose. Both styles have gained pop­u­lar­ity in the past few years, partly due to the ris­ing price of C-10s of the same era, and also due to the fact that they’re awe­some. It just took peo­ple a while to re­al­ize it.

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