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Per­for­mance Dis­trib­u­tors’ new Hot Forged Dis­trib­u­tors en­com­pass the tough­ness and dura­bil­ity that your mo­tor de­mands. Hot forg­ing is su­pe­rior to both cast­ing and bil­let PRO­CESSES BE­CAUSE THE METAL S NAT­U­RAL GRAIN MOW IS DE­SIGNED TO CON­FORM TO THE SHAPE of the prod­uct be­ing made. As you forge a piece of metal, the high pres­sure col­lapses the in­di­vid­ual grains. This re­sults in a denser, stronger, and more durable dis­trib­u­tor. Re­mem­ber, “bil­let” is only an­other name for “lump of metal.” The term has been used over the years by mar­keters to con­fuse the con­sumer. Part No. 18457 1984-1990 5.0 Ford Trucks, Part No. 18458 1991-1996 5.0 Ford Trucks, Part No. 18459 5.8 1984-1991 Ford Trucks, Part No. 18460 5.8 1992-1997 Ford Trucks, Part No. 18461 7.5L 1988-1997 and 7.0L 1990-1998 Ford Trucks

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