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Per­for­mance Dis­trib­u­tors is now build­ing a new small di­am­e­ter EFI com­pat­i­ble dis­trib­u­tor. The dis­trib­u­tor comes with oil im­preg­nated bush­ings in­sur­ing longevity and shaft ro­ta­tion ac­cu­racy. Each unit is hand checked with a feeler gauge in or­der to set the cor­rect amount of end-play be­tween the dis­trib­u­tor gear and the hous­ing. This pro­ce­dure pre­vents the dis­trib­u­tor from bind­ing up and it also leads to a more pre­cise mag­netic pick-up sig­nal. A brass ter­mi­nal cap and ro­tor are uti­lized for max­i­mum con­duc­tiv­ity. The brass ter­mi­nals will also re­sist cor­ro­sion longer than stock alu­minum ter­mi­nals. Caps are avail­able in bright blue or black. The cap and ro­tor have ex­cel­lent di­elec­tric strength and re­sist car­bon track­ing. The high out­put Dyna-mod­ule is lo­cated in­side the dis­trib­u­tor. The Dyna-mod has more elec­tronic dwell cal­i­brated into it, al­low­ing your ig­ni­tion coil to sat­u­rate longer, which in turn pro­vides a more in­tense spark. In­stalls in min­utes and plugs into your stock wiring har­ness. Part No. 12620 1987-1998 V-8 Chevy & GMC

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