Cop­per ac­cents add in­stant warmth, so­phis­ti­ca­tion

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ev­ery­where and knock­ing the metal stand­bys aside. Cop­per is warm, trendy, so­phis­ti­cated and can be dressed up or down to suit your dec­o­rat­ing mood. This metal is made for more than gelatin molds, though. You’ll love how cop­per can bring a glam­orous charm to your style. Just a touch

Adding some small touches with a cop­per glint is all it takes to bring in some of cop­per’s beau­ti­ful sheen. Like its cousin, gold leaf, cop­per leaf is easy to ap­ply and can be bought on­line at Ama­ Sim­ply brush with a metal leaf ad­he­sive and then lay the cop­per leaf on top. Use a soft brush to ap­ply the leaf to your sur­face. Be sure to wear gloves so the leaf doesn’t stick to your fin­gers. If that’s too much work, try us­ing cop­per spray paint. Spray paints have come such a long way and to­day’s metal sprays look ter­rific. Shim­mer­ing warmth

Warm up your home and re­fresh your decor with a cop­per shim­mer. There are dozens of places and items that can use a touch of cop­per. Look around your home for items that have a dingy fin­ish. Some­thing un­ex­pected is a cop­per mir­ror. Take a tired, gold-framed mir­ror or pic­ture and give it a spray of cop­per paint.

Any­where you find a bit of metal is the per­fect spot to add a cop­per ac­cent. Look for lamps, light fix­tures, or metal ta­bles to give a cop­per makeover. Treat mun­dane items like can­dle­hold­ers, plant pots, or vases to a shot of cop­per. Large and lus­trous

Noth­ing com­mands at­ten­tion like a large piece of cop­per. First up is the cop­per vent hood. If your kitchen has lacked a fo­cal point, a beau­ti­ful kitchen hood in warm, lus­trous cop­per will add in­stant im­pact (Cop­ Bal­ance out your kitchen with a cop­per farm­house sink that will wear beau­ti­fully and make your kitchen look dis­tinc­tive and invit­ing (HomeDe­pot. com). Don’t worry if your ap­pli­ances are stain­less; the mixed met­als look fab­u­lous and dar­ing, too.

For a lighter touch, go for cop­per wall­pa­per. Wall­pa­per is trendy, and with a cop­per tone you’ll have a fresh new look. Try Au­tumn Cop­per Tree (Brew­sterWall­cov­er­ for a lighter hand. Cop­per branches reach out against a white back­ground for a con­tem­po­rary style with a light cop­per ac­cent that’s not heavy-handed. For a bolder look, try the Half Moon pat­tern of cop­per half­moons on a medium blue back­ground (Ser­e­naAndLily. com). Its bold and dy­namic print is on point in to­day’s geo­met­ric aes­thetic. Art­ful ac­cents

Cop­per doesn’t have to be a com­mit­ment. Even ac­cents and ac­ces­sories can quickly bring cop­per into your home’s decor. Go for fun cop­per pieces like bowls to brighten the kitchen or din­ing ta­ble. But try to put cop­per in un­ex­pected ar­eas, like the Smith & Hawken cop­per boot tray at the front door for a warm touch and an easy spot for wet shoes (Tar­ Or give your bath­room a con­tem­po­rary touch with cop­per bath ac­ces­sories like the Cop­per Gleam col­lec­tion (An­thro­polo­ or the rus­tic ham­mered cop­per No­ble Ex­cel­lence bath ac­ces­sories (Dil­

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