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(NR) Break­ing In — Af­ter bur­glars break into her house, a mother (Gabrielle Union) bat­tles to pro­tect her chil­dren. With Billy Burke and Richard Cabral. 88 min. (PG-13) for vi­o­lence, menace, bloody images, sex­ual ref­er­ences, and brief strong lan­guage.

½ Life of the Party — A woman (Melissa McCarthy) is dumped by her long­time hus­band and de­cides to join her daugh­ter at col­lege. Chaos en­sues. With Gil­lian Ja­cobs and Debby Ryan.105 min. (PG-13) for sex­ual ma­te­rial, drug con­tent and par­ty­ing. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

RBG — Doc­u­men­tary ex­plores the life of Jus­tice Ruth Bader Gins­burg. With Gins­burg, Glo­ria Steinem and Nina Toten­berg. 97 min. (PG) for some the­matic el­e­ments and lan­guage. — Amy Ni­chol­son, Va­ri­ety

The Rider — Af­ter suf­fer­ing a near fa­tal head in­jury, a young cow­boy un­der­takes a search for new iden­tity and what it means to be a man in the heart­land of Amer­ica. Di­rected and writ­ten by Chloé Zhao. Star­ring Brady Jan­dreau, Tim Jan­dreau, Lilly Jan­dreau. 104 min. (R) for lan­guage and drug use. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

First Run

Avengers: In­fin­ity War — Iron Man, Thor, Cap­tain Amer­ica and the rest unite to bat­tle their most pow­er­ful en­emy yet – the evil Thanos – who is on a mis­sion to col­lect the In­fin­ity Stones. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Scar­lett Jo­hann­son, Chad­wick Bose­man star. 160 min. (PG-13) for in­tense se­quences of sci-fi vi­o­lence and ac­tion through­out, lan­guage and some crude ref­er­ence. (NR) Bad Samaritan — While break­ing into a wealthy man’s (David Ten­nant) house, a thief (Robert Shee­han) dis­cov­ers a woman be­ing held against her will. 107 min. (R) for vi­o­lence, lan­guage through­out, some drug use and brief nu­dity. ABag of Mar­bles — The ad­ven­ture of a Jewish boy and his brother es­cap­ing Nazi per­se­cu­tion in oc­cu­pied France. In French, Ger­man, Yid­dish, Rus­sian. 110 min. (U). — Robert Abele, Cal­i­for­nia News Group

Black Pan­ther — Af­ter the death of his fa­ther, a prince (Chad­wick Bose­man) re­turns to his African home of Wakanda to con­quer evil and pro­tect his tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced na­tion. With Michael B. Jor­dan and Lupita Ny­ong'o. 135 min. (PG-13) for pro­longed se­quences of ac­tion vi­o­lence, and a brief rude ges­ture. — Ken­neth Tu­ran, Los An­ge­les Times Beirut — A former Amer­i­can diplo­mat is sent to ne­go­ti­ate for the life of a friend. With Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike and Dean Norris. 109 min. (R) for lan­guage, some vi­o­lence and a brief nude im­age. — Den­nis Har­vey, Va­ri­ety (NR) Block­ers — Three par­ents try to stop their daugh­ters from hav­ing sex on prom night. With Les­lie Mann and John Cena. 102 min. (R) for crude and sex­ual con­tent, and lan­guage through­out, drug con­tent, teen par­ty­ing and some graphic nu­dity. (NR) Chap­paquid­dick — Ted Kennedy strug­gles in the pub­lic eye af­ter be­ing in­volved in car ac­ci­dent that claimed the life of cam­paign strate­gist Mary Jo Kopechne. With Ja­son Clarke, Kate Mara and Clancy Brown. 101min. (R) for the­matic ma­te­rial, dis­turb­ing images, some strong lan­guage, and his­tor­i­cal smok­ing.

½ The Death of Stalin — Dark com­edy set in the 1950s Soviet Union as var­i­ous min­sters jos­tle for power. With Steve Buscemi, Si­mon Rus­sell Beale and Jef­frey Tam­bor. 107 min. (R) for lan­guage through­out, vi­o­lence and some sex­ual ref­er­ences. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

Fi­nal Por­trait — In 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, the Amer­i­can writer and art-lover James Lord is asked by his friend, the world-renowned artist Al­berto Gi­a­cometti, to sit for a por­trait. The process, Gi­a­cometti as­sures Lord, will take only a few days. Flat­tered and in­trigued, Lord agrees. So be­gins not only the story of a touch­ing and off­beat friend­ship, but also a uniquely re­veal­ing in­sight into the beauty, frus­tra­tion, pro­fun­dity and, at times, down­right chaos of the artis­tic process. 90 min. (R) for lan­guage, some sex­ual ref­er­ences and nu­dity). — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

Find­ing Your Feet — An older woman whose hus­band of 40 years cheated on her with her best friend finds lib­er­a­tion in a com­mu­nity dance class. With Imelda Staunton, Ti­mothy Spall and Joanna Lum­ley. 111 min. (PG-13) for sug­ges­tive ma­te­rial, brief drug use, and brief strong lan­guage. — Guy Lodge, Va­ri­ety (NR) I Can Only Imag­ine — Faith-based drama based on the life of Mer­cyMe singer Bart Mil­lard. With J. Michael Fin­ley, Brody Rose and Den­nis Quaid. 110 min. (PG) for the­matic el­e­ments in­clud­ing some vi­o­lence.

I Feel Pretty — An ac­ci­dent makes an in­se­cure woman be­lieve she’s a su­per­model. With Amy Schumer, Michelle Wil­liams and Emily Rata­jkowski. 107 min. (PG-13) for sex­ual con­tent, some par­tial nu­dity, lan­guage. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

Isle of Dogs — Wes An­der­son di­rects this stop-mo­tion story of a boy look­ing for a lost dog. With the voices of Bryan Cranston, Ed­ward Nor­ton and Bill Mur­ray. 101min. (PG-13) for the­matic el­e­ments and some vi­o­lent images. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune The Last Suit — At 88, Abra­ham Bursztein is see­ing his place in the world rapidly dis­ap­pear. His kids have sold his Buenos Aires res­i­dence, set him up to move to a re­tire­ment home, and dis­agree on how to han­dle his fad­ing health. But Abra­ham sur­vived the Holo­caust, made a suc­cess­ful life in a for­eign land, and isn’t about to qui­etly fade away. In­stead, he plots a se­cret one-way trip to Poland, where he plans to find the Chris­tian friend who saved him from cer­tain death at the end of World War II, and to keep his prom­ise to return one day. In Span­ish, Pol­ish, Yid­dish, Ger­man with English sub­ti­tles. 86 min. (U). — Mia Leonin, Art­burst­mi­

½ Lean On Pete — While work­ing for the sum­mer at the sta­bles, a teen boy (Char­lie Plum­mer) be­friends an ag­ing race­horse. With Steve Buscemi and Chloe Se­vi­gny. 121min. (R) for lan­guage and brief vi­o­lence. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune (NR) Over­board — A re­make of the 1987 Goldie Hawn movie, with a twist: A rich man (Eu­ge­nio Der­bez) has am­ne­sia af­ter he falls off his yacht and one of his em­ploy­ees (Anna Faris) tells him she is his wife in or­der to es­cape her fi­nan­cial prob­lems. Eva Lon­go­ria also stars. 112 min. (PG-13) for sug­ges­tive ma­te­rial, par­tial nu­dity and some lan­guage.

Paul, Apos­tle of Christ — Luke strug­gles to spread the Gospel as Paul is held cap­tive dur­ing the reign of Ro­man em­peror Nero. With Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner and Joanne Whal­ley. 107 min. (PG-13) for some vi­o­lent con­tent and dis­turb­ing images.

½ AQuiet Place — John Krasin­ski stars in and di­rects this tale of a fam­ily hid­ing from crea­tures that hunt by sound. With Emily Blunt. 90 min. (PG-13) for ter­ror and some bloody images. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

½ Ram­page — A pri­ma­tol­o­gist (Dwayne John­son) at­tempts to save a go­rilla named Ge­orge whose genes mu­tated in an ex­per­i­ment that went wrong. 107 min. (PG-13) for se­quences of vi­o­lence, ac­tion and de­struc­tion, brief lan­guage, and crude ges­tures. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

Ready Player One — Steven Spiel­berg adapts Ernest Cline’s novel about a teen (Tye Sheri­dan) who en­ters a vir­tual-re­al­ity game in hopes of win­ning a prize that would make him the wealth­i­est hu­man in the world. First, though, he must de­feat an evil cor­po­ra­tion and stop a war. With Olivia Cooke and Ben Men­del­sohn. (PG-13) for se­quences of sci-fi ac­tion vi­o­lence, bloody images, some sug­ges­tive ma­te­rial, par­tial nu­dity and lan­guage. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

Sher­lock Gnomes — The Gnomes are back, and there’s a mys­tery to solve when some gar­den or­na­ments go miss­ing. With the voices of James McAvoy, Emily Blunt and Johnny Depp. 86 min. (PG) for some rude and sug­ges­tive hu­mor. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency

Su­per Troopers 2 — An in­ter­na­tional bor­der dis­pute be­tween the U.S. and Canada pro­pels the team into ac­tion in this se­quel to the 2001com­edy. With Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Hef­fer­nan and Steve Lemme. 99 min. (R) for crude sex­ual con­tent and lan­guage through­out, drug ma­te­rial and some graphic nu­dity. — Owen Gleiber­man, Va­ri­ety (NR) Traf­fik — Dur­ing a moun­tain get­away, a cou­ple (Paula Pat­ton, Omar Epps) is at­tacked by a biker gang. (R) for vi­o­lent and dis­turb­ing ma­te­rial, lan­guage through­out, some drug use and sex­ual con­tent. 96 min. (NR) Truth Or Dare — Lucy Hale (“Pretty Lit­tle Liars”) stars as a young woman whose group of friends are pun­ished by a su­per­nat­u­ral force when they don’t ful­fill their re­spec­tive truths or dares. 100 min. (PG-13) for vi­o­lence and dis­turb­ing con­tent, al­co­hol abuse, some sex­u­al­ity, lan­guage and the­matic ma­te­rial.

½ Tully — Char­l­ize Theron, Di­ablo Cody and Ja­son Reit­man — the team be­hind “Young Adult” — re­unite to tell the story of a mother (Theron) of three who is at first skep­ti­cal and then em­braces a ew nanny (Macken­zie Davis) in her life. 96 ,om/ (R) for lan­guage and some sex­u­al­ity/ nu­dity. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune (NR) Tyler Perry’s Ac­ri­mony — Taraji P. Hen­son stars as a woman wronged by her hus­band. With Lyriq Bent and Crys­tle Ste­wart. 120 min. (R) for lan­guage, sex­ual con­tent and some vi­o­lence.

½ AWrin­kle in Time — The ea­gerly an­tic­i­pated adap­ta­tion from Ava DuVer­nay fol­lows a girl and her younger brother as they try to find their miss­ing fa­ther (Chris Pine) with the help of three women (Oprah Win­frey, Mindy Kal­ing and Reese Wither­spoon) with special pow­ers. With Gugu Mbatha-Raw. 109 min. (PG) for the­matic el­e­ments and some peril. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune

½ You Were Never Re­ally Here — A con­tract killer tries to save a kid­napped teen from a life of pros­ti­tu­tion. With Joaquin Phoenix, Ju­dith Roberts and Eka­te­rina Sam­sonov. 89 min.(R) for strong vi­o­lence, dis­turb­ing and grisly images, lan­guage, and brief nu­dity.

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