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★★ The Bronze — A washed-up gym­nast liv­ing off her lau­rels is forced to coach a new lo­cal prodigy. With Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole and Ha­ley Lu Richard­son. Di­rected by Bryan Buck­ley. 107 min. (R) for strong sex­ual con­tent, graphic nu­dity, lan­guage through­out and some drug use. ★ ½ The Diver­gent Se­ries: Allegiant — In the fi­nal in­stall­ment of the tril­ogy, Tris and Ford go be­yond the walls en­clos­ing Chicago and face shock­ing new dis­cov­er­ies. With Shai­lene Wood­ley, Theo James and Jeff Daniels. Di­rected by Robert

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