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★★ ½ Alien: Covenant — The crew of a colony ship makes a ter­ri­fy­ing dis­cov­ery af­ter land­ing on what seems to be an un­charted par­adise on the far side of the gal­axy. With Michael Fass­ben­der, Kather­ine Water­ston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demian Bichir. Di­rected by Ri­d­ley Scott. 123 min. (R) for sci-fi violence, bloody im­ages, lan­guage and some sex­u­al­ity/nu­dity. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune ★★ All Eyez on Me— Demetrius Shipp Jr. stars as Tu­pac Shakur in this biopic trac­ing his meteoric rise in New York City. With Kat Gra­ham, Lau­ren Co­han, Hill Harper, Ja­mal Woolard and Danai Gurira. Di­rected by Benny Boom. 140 min. (R) for lan­guage and drug use through­out, violence, some nu­dity and sex­u­al­ity. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★★★ Baby Driver — A young get­away driver must face the mu­sic when a doomed heist threat­ens his life, love and free­dom. With Ansel El­gort, Kevin Spacey, Eiza González, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm. Writ­ten and di­rected by Edgard Wright. 113 min. (R) for violence, strong lan­guage through­out. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★ ½ Bay­watch — Dwayne John­son steps into the for­mi­da­ble flip-flops of David Has­sel­hoff as life­guard Mitch Buchanan in this adap­ta­tion of the 1990s TV se­ries. With Zac Efron and Priyanka Cho­pra. Di­rected by Seth Gor­don. 119 min. (R) for lan­guage through­out, crude sex­ual con­tent, and graphic nu­dity. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★★★ Beatriz at Din­ner — A holis­tic medicine prac­ti­tioner at­tends a wealthy client's din­ner party af­ter her car breaks down. Di­rected by Miguel Arteta. Writ­ten by Mike White. Starr Salma Hayek, John Lith­gow, Con­nie Britton. 83 min. (R) for lan­guage and a scene of violence. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune (NR) The Book of Henry — An 11-year-old boy, pro­tec­tor of his younger brother and sup­porter of their sin­gle mom, de­vises a plan to help the girl next door. With Naomi Watts, Jae­den Lieber­her, Ja­cob Trem­blay, Sarah Silverman, Lee Pace, Mad­die Ziegler and Dean Norris. Di­rected by Colin Trevor­row. 105 min. (PG-13) for the­matic el­e­ments and brief strong lan­guage. ★★★ ½ Cap­tain Un­der­pants: The First Epic Movie — An­i­mated adap­ta­tion of the hit il­lus­trated book se­ries by Dav Pilkey about a pair of wildly imag­i­na­tive boys and their cre­ation of a not-so­bright su­per­hero. Voices by Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Thomas Mid­dled­itch, Nick Kroll, Jor­dan Peele, Kris­ten Schaal. Di­rected by David Soren. 84 min. (PG) for rude hu­mor. — Rick Bent­ley, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★★ Cars 3 — Lightning McQueen faces a new gen­er­a­tion of rac­ers with the help of en­thu­si­as­tic young race technician Cruz Ramirez and the wis­dom of an old friend. Voices by Owen Wil­son, Cris­tela Alonzo, Ar­mie Ham­mer, Larry the Ca­ble Guy, Kerry Wash­ing­ton, Nathan Fil­lion and Lea DeLaria. Di­rected by Brian Fee. (G) 109 min. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune (NR) Churchill — The Bri­tish prime min­is­ter in the tense days lead­ing to the D-Day in­va­sion. With Brian Cox, Mi­randa Richard­son, John Slat­tery, Ju­lian Wad­ham, James Pure­foy. Di­rected by Jonathan Teplitzky. 98 min. (PG) for the­matic el­e­ments, brief war im­ages, his­tor­i­cal smok­ing through­out and some lan­guage. ★ Di­ary Of AWimpyKid: The Long Haul — The fam­ily takes a road trip, and Greg schemes to be­come fa­mous as a new cast takes over for the fourth in­stall­ment based on Jeff Kin­ney's comic youth nov­els. With Ja­son Ian Drucker, Char­lie Wright, Owen Asz­ta­los, Tom Everett Scott and Ali­cia Sil­ver­stone. Di­rected by David Bow­ers. 90 min. (PG) for some rude hu­mor. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency The Ex­cep­tion — A Ger­man sol­dier tries to de­ter­mine if the Dutch re­sis­tance has planted a spy to in­fil­trate the home of Kaiser Wil­helm in Hol­land dur­ing the on­set of World War II, but falls for a young Jewish Dutch woman dur­ing his in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Di­rected by David Le­veaux. Writ­ten by Si­mon Burke, Star­ring Lily James, Jai Court­ney, Christo­pher Plum­mer. 107 min. (R) for sex­u­al­ity, graphic nu­dity, lan­guage and brief violence. ★★ ½ 47 Me­ters Down— Two sis­ters find them­selves trapped in a shark cage on the seabed floor. With Mandy Moore and Claire Holt. Di­rected by Jo­hannes Roberts. 89 min. (PG-13) for se­quences of in­tense peril, bloody im­ages and brief strong lan­guage. — Cary Dar­ling, Fort Worth Star-Tele­gram ★★ ½ Guardians of the Gal­axy Vol. 2 — Film­maker James Gunn de­liv­ers Mix­tape #2 as the team ex­plores the mys­tery of Peter Quill's her­itage and fights galac­tic bad­dies. With Chris Pratt, Zoe Sal­dana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Sylvester Stal­lone and Kurt Rus­sell. 138 min. (PG-13) for se­quences of sci-fi ac­tion and violence, lan­guage, and brief sug­ges­tive con­tent. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune ★★ ½ The Hero — An ail­ing movie star comes to terms with his past and mor­tal­ity. Di­rected by Brett Ha­ley. Writ­ten by Ha­ley, Marc Basch. Star­ring Sam El­liott, Laura Pre­pon, Krys­ten Rit­ter, Katharine Ross. 93 min. (R) for drug use, lan­guage and some sex­ual con­tent. — Jo­ce­lyn Noveck, As­so­ci­ated Press ★★★ It Comes at Night — Wri­ter­di­rec­tor Trey Ed­ward Shults fol­lows “Kr­isha” with a dystopian hor­ror story about a man and his fam­ily un­der siege. With Joel Edger­ton, Ri­ley Keough, Christo­pher Ab­bott, Car­men Ejogo and Kelvin Har­ri­son Jr. 97 min. (R) for violence, dis­turb­ing im­ages, and lan­guage. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune ★★ ½ Me­gan Leavey — A Ma­rine cor­po­ral trains and bonds with a com­bat dog as they de­ploy to Iraq and com­plete more than100 mis­sions be­fore be­ing in­jured by an IED ex­plo­sion. With Kate Mara, Edie Falco, Ra­mon Ro­driguez, Bradley Whit­ford and Com­mon. Di­rected by Gabriela Cow­perth­waite. 116 min. (PG-13) for war violence, lan­guage, sug­ges­tive ma­te­rial, and the­matic el­e­ments. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★ The Mummy— Tom Cruise stars in this re­boot about an an­cient princess, de­nied her destiny, who awak­ens in the present but brings with her the malev­o­lent past. With Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake John­son, Court­ney B. Vance and Rus­sell Crowe. Di­rected by Alex Kurtz­man. 107 min. (PG-13) for violence, ac­tion and scary im­ages, and for some sug­ges­tive con­tent and par­tial nu­dity. ★★★ MyCousin Rachel — An English­man de­vel­ops com­pli­cated feel­ings for his beau­ti­ful cousin, whom he sus­pects of mur­der. With Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Hol­l­i­day Grainger, Iain Glen and Pier­francesco Favino. Di­rected by Roger Michell, based on the novel by Daphne du Mau­rier. 106 min. (PG-13) for some sex­u­al­ity and brief strong lan­guage. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune ★★★ Paris Can Wait — Anne is at a cross­roads in her life. Long mar­ried to a suc­cess­ful, driven but inat­ten­tive movie pro­ducer, she un­ex­pect­edly finds her­self tak­ing a car trip from Cannes to Paris with a busi­ness as­so­ciate of her hus­band. What should be a seven-hour drive turns into a care­free two-day ad­ven­ture re­plete with di­ver­sions in­volv­ing pic­turesque sights, fine food and wine, hu­mor, wis­dom and ro­mance, reawak­en­ing Anne's senses and giv­ing her a new lust for life. Di­rected and writ­ten by Eleanor Cop­pola. Star­ring Diane Lane, Alec Bald­win, Ar­naud Viard. 92 min. (PG) for the­matic el­e­ments, smok­ing and some lan­guage. — Katie Walsh, Tri­bune Con­tent Agency ★★★ Past Life —“Past Life” tracks the dar­ing late 1970’s odyssey of two sis­ters, an in­tro­verted clas­si­cal mu­si­cian and a ram­bunc­tious scan­dal sheet jour­nal­ist, as they un­ravel a shock­ing wartime mys­tery that has cast a dark shadow on their en­tire lives. In English, Ger­man, Pol­ish, He­brew. 109 min. (U). — Ken­neth Tu­ran, Los An­ge­les Times ★ Pi­rates Of The Caribbean: Dead MenTell No Tales — Johnny Depp re­turns as Cap­tain Jack Spar­row, again try­ing to stay one step ahead of a venge­ful crew of ghost pi­rates, this time led by Javier Bardeom. With Or­lando Bloom. Di­rected by Joachim Røn­ning, Espen Sand­berg. 118 min. (PG-13) for se­quences of ad­ven­ture violence, and some sug­ges­tive con­tent. — Mark Kennedy, As­so­ci­ated Press ★★ ½ Rough Night — A bach­e­lorette party gets way out of hand when a male strip­per dies in this rau­cous com­edy. With Scar­lett Jo­hans­son, Kate McKin­non, Jil­lian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Zoe Kravitz and Paul W. Downs. Di­rected by Lu­cia Aniello. 101min. (R) for crude sex­ual con­tent, lan­guage through­out, drug use and brief bloody im­ages. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune ★ ½ Transformers: The Last Knight — Mark Wahlberg re­turns to team with An­thony Hop­kins as ev­ery­thing we knew about Transformers is turned up­side down. With Josh Duhamel, Laura Had­dock, Jer­rod Carmichael, Is­abela Moner and San­ti­ago Cabr­era. Di­rected by Michael Bay. 148 min. (PG-13) for violence and in­tense se­quences of sci-fi ac­tion, lan­guage, and some in­nu­endo. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune (NR) The Wed­ding Plan — When her fi­ancé bows out on the eve of her wed­ding, Michal re­fuses to can­cel the wed­ding ar­range­ments. An Ortho­dox Jew, she in­sists that God will sup­ply her a hus­band. As the clock ticks down. 110 min. (PG) for the­matic el­e­ments. In He­brew. ★★★ ½ Won­der Woman— The Ama­zo­nian princess gets her own movie and leaves her is­land par­adise to fight a war to end all wars. With Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Hus­ton, David Thewlis, Con­nie Nielsen. Di­rected by Patty Jenk­ins. 141min. (PG-13) for se­quences of violence and ac­tion, and some sug­ges­tive con­tent. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tri­bune


Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wil­son, left, and Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cris­tela Alonzo, in “Cars 3.” (NR) Not re­viewed — Gen­eral au­di­ences. All ages ad­mit­ted. — Parental guid­ance. Some ma­te­rial may not be suitable for pre­teens. — Some ma­te­rial...

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