If sports event pre­cedes show, DVR needs ad­just­ing

Sun Sentinel Palm Beach Edition - Showtime - Palm Beach - - TV - By Rich Helden­fels

You have ques­tions. I have some an­swers.

Q: I was watch­ing my record­ing of the new pro­gram “In­stinct” when it was cut off be­cause of a late start. It ap­pears that an NCAA basketball game went be­yond its al­lo­cated time and de­layed “In­stinct.” There was no warn­ing from CBS that they were go­ing to cut off the pro­gram and no at­tempt to ex­tend it. If they are go­ing to cater to sports fans by ex­tend­ing their coverage, the en­tire pro­gram­ming should be shifted for­ward so that no shows are cut off.

A: As far as I know, “In­stinct” was not cut off; it started about 37 min­utes late here in Ohio and ran in its en­tirety, as did the other de­layed-by-basketball pro­grams on the net­work that night. Your prob­lem was one that crops up of­ten when shows air af­ter live events — es­pe­cially sports such as football, basketball and golf. (This is­sue comes up a lot dur­ing NFL sea­sons when there are fre­quent late-af­ter­noon games.) No one knows for cer­tain when a live game is go­ing to end, so ad­vance sched­ules are at best an ed­u­cated guess; at the same time, in most cases live games are car­ried to their con­clu­sion even if that in­cludes over­time, count­less time-outs or other causes of ex­tended time.

The prob­lem, then, is in the record­ing of the shows. DVRs and other recorders re­act to the sched­uled pro­gram time and end as orig­i­nally planned. But if you sus­pect an event be­fore your fa­vorite show is go­ing to run long, you need to add time to the sched­uled record­ing. When I sched­ule on my ca­ble DVR, I get a set of op­tions in­clud­ing a choice of ad­just­ing both the start and end time of a pro­gram to be recorded. If, then, I know a pro­gram is go­ing to start late, I can ad­just the start time, and if I think it will run longer than sched­uled, I can add any­where from one minute to two hours to the record­ing time. In al­most all cases that en­sures I will get the pro­gram I am look­ing for in its en­tirety.

Q: We have found “Per­son of In­ter­est” and “The Black­list” on Net­flix. How many episodes are there of each? Are they still mak­ing new episodes?

A: “The Black­list” is in its fifth sea­son and, af­ter a short hia­tus, will have new episodes on NBC start­ing April 4; it had aired 105 episodes be­fore this break be­gan. “Per­son of In­ter­est” ended its five-sea­son run in 2016 af­ter 103 episodes.

Q: I would love to have a DVD of “Joseph and the Amaz­ing Tech­ni­color Dream­coat” star­ring Donny Os­mond. Do you know if one is avail­able? I would be so grate­ful to buy it for my daugh­ters and my­self.

A: Univer­sal re­leased a ver­sion of the pro­duc­tion on DVD in 2000. It is billed as “in­spired by” the Lon­don Pal­la­dium ver­sion of the stage show and, “spe­cially filmed for video.” Be­sides Os­mond, the cast in­cludes Richard At­ten­bor­ough and Joan Collins.

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