Has your vote been counted? Here’s how you can check.

Sun Sentinel Palm Beach Edition - - LOCAL - By Dan Sweeney

With sev­eral re­counts now likely and bal­lots tak­ing for­ever to get tab­u­lated, you might be cu­ri­ous to know whether yours has al­ready been counted. For­tu­nately, it’s easy to find out.

Mail-in Bal­lots

First, head over to the Divi­sion of Elec­tions web­site to look up your voter in­for­ma­tion at Regis­tra­tion.elec­tions.myflorida.com/ Check­VoterS­ta­tus. There, you’ll en­ter your full name and date of birth. Af­ter click­ing on “sub­mit,” you’ll be taken to a new page that lists all of your voter regis­tra­tion in­for­ma­tion — your ad­dress, voter ID num­ber, po­lit­i­cal party and the date you first reg­is­tered at this ad­dress.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a link for “Bal­lot and precinct in­for­ma­tion.” Click that, and it will take you right to your county su­per­vi­sor of elec­tions web­site, with all your in­for­ma­tion al­ready filled in, and a list­ing of when the bal­lot was sent to you, when it was re­ceived by the elec­tions of­fice and whether it’s been tab­u­lated.

Some vot­ers have re­ported that, de­spite hav­ing sent in their mail-in bal­lots weeks ago, the elec­tions web­site still doesn’t say it has been counted. Broward County Elec­tions Su­pervi-

sor Brenda Snipes wasn’t sure why the web­site was not re­port­ing all of the counted votes, but she said that if a vote was el­i­gi­ble, it was counted.

Pro­vi­sional Bal­lots

Vot­ers who didn’t have ID or went to the wrong polling place on Elec­tion Day were likely asked to fill out a pro­vi­sional bal­lot. Af­ter vot­ing, th­ese vot­ers are given a re­ceipt ex­plain­ing how to present writ­ten ev­i­dence, if needed, of voter regis­tra­tion sta­tus. That ev­i­dence had to be pre­sented to the su­per­vi­sor of elec­tions of­fice by 5 p.m. Thurs­day. Vot­ers who filled out pro­vi­sional bal­lots should al­ready have been alerted as to whether those bal­lots will be ac­cepted.

In-per­son vot­ing

Sadly, in most coun­ties, in­clud­ing Mi­ami-Dade and Palm Beach, once you drop your bal­lot in the ma­chine, you’re done and will just have to be­lieve the sys­tem works. But if you live in Broward County and you re­ally want to make sure your vote is in the sys­tem, you can visit the Broward County Su­per­vi­sor of Elec­tions web­site at Broward­soe.org. There, click on “voter in­for­ma­tion” for a drop-down menu that in­cludes “voter lookup.” You’ll be asked for your last name, birth date and the num­ber of your ad­dress.

Un­like most other elec­tions web­sites, the Broward voter regis­tra­tion in­for­ma­tion in­cludes a line telling you whether or not you voted in per­son. But, it won’t tell you how you voted or whether it was counted.

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