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Abusy sum­mer sched­ule re­quires plenty of en­ergy, and while re­lax­ation is sure to help, what you eat is your es­sen­tial source of fuel. Just like fill­ing up your gas tank, food is what makes your body go. well-bal­anced ap­proach to eat­ing is a smart way to en­sure your body gets the nu­tri­ents it needs to power you through each fun-filled day and keep you op­er­at­ing in tip-top shape. An eat­ing plan such as Atkins of­fers a bal­anced ap­proach with de­li­cious foods that con­tain fiber-rich and nu­tri­ent-dense car­bo­hy­drates and good fats and pro­teins, while fo­cus­ing on re­duced lev­els of re­fined car­bo­hy­drates and added sugars.

Reach for snacks full of sea­sonal fruits and veg­eta­bles like peaches, cu­cum­bers, zuc­chini and rasp­ber­ries that will sat­isfy your ap­petite and fuel your sum­mer days. Find more warmweather recipes and tips to stay en­er­gized through­out the sea­son at Trop­i­cal Rasp­berry Smoothie Recipe cour­tesy of Atkins Prep time: 5 min­utes Serv­ings: 1 1/2 cup co­conut cream 4 ounces firm silken tofu 1/2 cup red rasp­ber­ries, plus ad­di­tional (op­tional) 2 tea­spoons su­gar sub­sti­tute (op­tional) 1/8 tea­spoon co­conut ex­tract 3 ice cubes whipped cream (op­tional) In blender, com­bine co­conut cream, tofu, rasp­ber­ries, su­gar sub­sti­tute, if de­sired, and co­conut ex­tract; blend un­til smooth. To re­move seeds, strain mix­ture through sieve then re­turn to blender.

With ma­chine run­ning, add ice cubes, one at a time, and blend un­til smooth.

Pour into tall glass and gar­nish with whipped cream and rasp­ber­ries, if de­sired. Peachy Pro­sciutto Bites Recipe cour­tesy of Atkins Prep time: 10 min­utes Serv­ings: 4 (3 bites per serv­ing) 1/2 cup whole al­monds 2 medium peaches (each 2 1/2 inches in di­am­e­ter) 4 ounces cream cheese 2 tea­spoons ground cin­na­mon su­gar sub­sti­tute (op­tional) 12 thin slices pro­sciutto 12 basil leaves (op­tional) Heat oven to 350 F.

In sin­gle layer, toast al­monds 10 min­utes. Let cool then coarsely chop. Set aside. Slice each peach into six wedges and set aside. In small bowl, com­bine soft­ened cream cheese with cin­na­mon and pinch of su­gar sub­sti­tute. Add al­monds; blend to com­bine.

Lay out sin­gle slice of pro­sciutto, place 1 ta­ble­spoon cheese mix­ture on top of peach wedge and top with basil leaf. Place wedge at one end of pro­sciutto and roll up. Re­peat with re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents. Smoked Salmon, Cu­cum­ber and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe cour­tesy of Atkins Prep time: 5 min­utes Serv­ings: 4 2 cu­cum­bers

(8 1/4 inches long each) 8 ta­ble­spoons cream cheese 12 ounces smoked chi­nook salmon (lox) Use man­dolin or veg­etable peeler to cut long, thin strips of cu­cum­ber.

Spread cream cheese onto smoked salmon, place strip of cu­cum­ber at one edge and roll up with salmon and cream cheese. Pin in place with tooth­pick. Re­peat with re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents. Zuc­chini Crisps Recipe cour­tesy of Atkins Prep time: 10 min­utes Cook time: 10 min­utes Serv­ings: 4 2 medium zuc­chi­nis 2 ta­ble­spoons ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil 1/4 tea­spoon salt 1/4 tea­spoon black pep­per 2 ta­ble­spoons Parme­san cheese, grated gar­lic pow­der (op­tional) Italian sea­son­ing

(op­tional) rose­mary (op­tional) dill (op­tional) Heat oven to 400 F.

Cut zuc­chini into 1/4-inch slices. If small, cut di­ag­o­nally. Brush both sides with olive oil and sea­son with salt, pep­per and Parme­san. Sea­son as de­sired with gar­lic pow­der, Italian sea­son­ing, rose­mary or dill.

Place in sin­gle layer on bak­ing sheet and bake 10 min­utes, turn­ing once. Cool on wire rack.

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