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TRAV­EL­ING WITH BOARDS CAN BE A DAUNT­ING TASK. But it doesn’t have to be. With a lit­tle re­search, plan­ning, and pa­tience your quiver can eas­ily ac­com­pany you on your next trip. We sat down with world-trav­el­ing SUP pro Bernd Roedi­ger for some pro tips on trav­el­ing with boards.

How many boards do you typ­i­cally travel with?

My car­a­van of surf­ing weapons grows with each ad­ven­ture. Do I pack ex­tra boards where I should pack ex­tra socks? Maybe.

What type of board bags do you rec­om­mend?

Any­thing huge! Dakine makes an ex­cel­lent travel-board­bag, the 9’2” World Trav­eler. Although it’s a dou­ble-board bag for most SUPS, it looks sleek—which can be the dif­fer­ence be­tween get­ting charged $1,000 or $200. Hav­ing a bag that looks neat, cinches the boards to­gether with buck­les on the sides and car­ries rel­a­tively eas­ily will get you through check-in much faster.

Do you use any­thing else to pro­tect the boards aside from the bag?

I keep my clothes in trash­bags and place them at strate­gic points within my board bags (i.e. the nose, tail, and wide points), so that I get pro­tec­tion out of ma­te­rial I al­ready need to pack. That way I don’t need an­other suit­case.

How do you pick an air­line?

Def­i­nitely read up on any air­line that you’re go­ing to fly with. Most air­line web­sites have a lengthy bag­gage pol­icy, you should print it out and have it as am­mu­ni­tion against agents that at­tempt to over­charge you.

Should you re­move fins/wax?

For sure! Pack your fins away. Wax should go too, more than likely it’ll melt sit­ting in the sun some­where out­side the air­port and you’ll have waxy laun­dry. And if your board has a vent plug, un­screw that too.

What about ground trans­porta­tion once you ar­rive?

U-hauls are, with­out a doubt, the best deals for surfers in the U.S. You can rent them for $20 a day, plus mileage. Gear is no is­sue, price is affordable and you can find a U-haul cen­ter in al­most any town.

Any other ad­vice that’s im­por­tant to share?

Even though the agents might seem to be work­ing against you, they are just try­ing to do their jobs. The best pol­icy is kind­ness; it ei­ther works or you’re the big­ger per­son. Oh, and un­pack that laun­dry right away be­cause wet­suits, old clothes and heat from a board bag is a recipe for ran­cid­ness!

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