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Japan isn’t the num­ber one choice for car en­thu­si­asts to visit in De­cem­ber. Most of us are home for the hol­i­days or we wait a few more weeks un­til Jan­uary’s Tokyo Auto Sa­lon. But if there is the slight chance you find your­self near Tokyo in the mid­dle of De­cem­ber, then there’s one event that won’t leave you dis­ap­pointed— the 86 Hachiroku Fes­ti­val.

Dress warm be­cause tem­per­a­tures will be in the 30s. But if you for­get your goose down jacket, don’t worry. A cou­ple hun­dred of Japan’s best drift and raceprepped Toy­otas will heat you right up. The 86 Mat­suri (which means “fes­ti­val” in Ja­panese) takes place ev­ery year at Tsukuba Cir­cuit 50 miles north of Tokyo. It’s been a tra­di­tion for longer than we can count, and was re­named from AE86 Fes­ti­val in ’12 af­ter the new 86 and BRZ be­came the hot­ness; how­ever, you’ll no­tice the ma­jor­ity of par­tic­i­pants are true to the orig­i­nal hachi.

We only have enough room to give you a taste of what 86 Hachiroku Fes­ti­val is all about, but we can prom­ise you there’s much more good­ness where this came from. With five dif­fer­ent run groups and plenty of Toy­ota leg­ends on hand, it might even be worth chang­ing your hol­i­day plans to a place called Tsukuba. View the com­plete gallery at su­per­stree­ton­line.com.

Con­nect: pro­crews.co.jp/86

››Team Run­ning Free putting on a show with Weld owner Hiroaki Ya­mashita bring­ing up the rear in his Sr-pow­ered AE86.

››One of our fa­vorite rides was Kazuhiro Fukuda’s Levin dressed with HKS “Turbee” liv­ery, the same look used on NOB Taniguchi’s D1GP S15 Sil­via.

››The One Make Race is a sight to see.

››Fam­ily-run TEC-ART'S is a reg­u­lar at this fes­ti­val.

››Ma­jor Force & 4AG Club­sugiyama!

››Shoutout to Ueno Takakuni and Tomokazu Sugiyama!

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