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ENGINE Greddy GTX2871R V3 turbo kit, Type 24 in­ter­cooler, in­di­vid­ual throttle body kit, ex­haust pip­ing with ti­ta­nium turn­down tip, oil fil­ter; Deatschw­erks 900cc fuel in­jec­tors, DW65C fuel pump; MXP stain­less steel front pipe; Koyo ra­di­a­tor; ARC ra­di­a­tor cap, oil catch can; HPS ra­di­a­tor hose kit; Mishi­moto fan shroud; Grimm­speed 86 oil cap; Blitz oil cooler; Pro­ject Kics mag­netic drain plug; Au­tostaff ti­ta­nium pul­ley cover; Odyssey bat­tery

DRIV­E­TRAIN OS Giken STR se­ries clutch, Su­per Lock LSD; Greddy rear dif­fer­en­tial cover

ENGINE MAN­AGE­MENT Ecutek Racerom; Greddy Pro­fec boost con­troller

FOOT­WORK & CHAS­SIS Mo­ton two-way sport coilovers; Cusco front and rear car­bon-fiber strut bars and Power Brace; GTSPEC four-point front sub­frame re­in­forced tie brace, rear lower sub­frame re­in­forced tie brace, rear lower T-brace; SPL bump-steer ad­justable front tie rod ends, front and rear lower cam­ber arms, ti­ta­nium rear toe arms, ti­ta­nium rear trac­tion arms, Pro rear end-links; Stan­cepart cup kit; White­line front and rear sway bars

BRAKES Pro­ject µ Forged Sports Tufram four-pis­ton front and two-pis­ton rear calipers, 355mm front and 316mm rear ro­tors, B-force pads, Te­flon lines, PG Four 335 fluid, mas­ter cylin­der fluid cap and reser­voir cover

WHEELS & TIRES 18x11” +13 Volk Rac­ing TE37 wheels; 295/30R18 Toyo R888R tires; Pro­ject Kics Ti64 ti­ta­nium lug nuts and con­ver­sion spac­ers

EX­TE­RIOR Varis Kamikaze 86 front and rear dif­fusers, side fins, wide fend­ers, lou­ver ducts, fender split­ter ducts, ca­nards and duct cov­ers, dry car­bon-fiber hood, car­bon-fiber trunk, car­bon-fiber Swan Neck 1800mm GT wing; Sei­bon car­bon-fiber roof; Beat­sonic car­bon-fiber roof spoiler; Craft Square GT mir­rors; ’17 Toy­ota 86 head­lights and tail­lights; Cusco an­tenna; Avery Den­ni­son gloss white wrap by Auto Tuned

IN­TE­RIOR Cusco four-point rollcage; Bride Stra­dia II seats, YZ Low Po­si­tion seat rails; Wil­lans har­nesses; ATC GT sports steer­ing wheel, car­bon-fiber shift knob, al­can­tara shift boot, shift lever, al­can­tara in­stru­ment cover; broad­way mir­ror; Cusco emer­gency brake knob; Pi­o­neer head unit, speak­ers

THANKS YOU my wife and fam­ily for their sup­port; my co­work­ers at Mackin In­dus­tries (Steve, Yuji, Tony, Rowie, Vic­tor); Wakana at RAYS Wheels Japan; Yoshi at Pro­ject Mu; Dave at Pro­ject Kics; Mike, Tony, Hugh, CY, JJ, Kel, Randy, Josh and JC at Eva­sive Mo­tor­sports; Coen, Mar­leen, Sean and Jo­han at Mo­ton Sus­pen­sion; Philip and Kenji at Greddy; Young at Auto Tuned; ev­ery­one at Ravspec; Stan at Toyo Tires; Kenji at Cusco; Bun at Lot USA (Bride); Sean at OS Giken; Scott at Koyo; Ted at Pi­o­neer Elec­tronic; Sean at SPL Parts; ATC Sports; Varis; White­line

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