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Greddy’s gone ahead and made fit­ting an FA20 with in­di­vid­ual throttle bod­ies so easy, even you could do it. It starts with a cou­ple of pairs of re­man­u­fac­tured throttle bod­ies nabbed from Toy­ota’s 20-valve 4A-GE engine of the ’90s and is con­trolled by way of the elec­tronic throttle body you’ve al­ready got. Greddy’s spe­cially made, casta­lu­minum adapters make bolt­ing ev­ery­thing onto those heads a cinch and the in­cluded cast-alu­minum plenum means hook­ing it all up to, say, a turbo or that fac­tory in­take of yours, won’t be hard. Like most power-adders, the kit isn’t Car­ble­gal, and you’ll need some sort of aftermarket tun­ing so­lu­tion to make it work, but you’ll rest easy know­ing ev­ery sin­gle clamp, hose, and sil­i­cone cou­pler is in­cluded, mak­ing for an easy in­stal­la­tion.

In­stalling Greddy’s in­di­vid­ual throttle bod­ies starts with you yank­ing off ev­ery­thing you won’t need, like the in­take man­i­fold, as well as ev­ery­thing that’s in the way, like the ECU, fuel rails, in­jec­tors, and throttle body. It’s Greddy’s unique...

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