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In­cor­po­rat­ing more than one throttle body into some­thing like the FA20’S drive-by­wire elec­tron­ics goes be­yond you ar­rang­ing the right as­sort­ment of link­ages and ca­bles. You still have to do all of that, but you also have to keep that orig­i­nal driveby-wire throttle body around. Here, there won’t be any air pass­ing through it and you can po­si­tion it just about any place you want; in­stead, the throttle body’s elec­tronic ac­tu­a­tor has to me­chan­i­cally link up to the new throttle bod­ies. In other words, you can’t get rid of the ac­tu­a­tor since it’s what’s be­ing con­trolled by the pedal and your right foot.

All we care about at this point is the orig­i­nal throttle body’s elec­tronic ac­tu­a­tor, which, when you step on or re­lease the gas pedal, will pull and push the link­ages, open­ing and clos­ing each pair of the throttle bod­ies you’ve just in­stalled.

Greddy’s spe­cial­ized throttle bracket bolts to the FA20 throttle body’s but­ter­fly shaft, only with­out the but­ter­fly valve. Once plugged in to the engine wiring har­ness, the throttle body’s ac­tu­a­tor will con­tinue to ro­tate its shaft when your foot tells...

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