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The RB en­gine se­ries ranged from as small as two liters up to three liters in dis­place­ment. This fam­ily of engines pow­ered a va­ri­ety of Nis­san’s plat­forms, in­clud­ing the Fair­lady Z (Z31), RWD Sky­line coupes and sedans, other Nis­san sedans and SUVS. The Sky­line GT-R’S RB26DETT is the high­est-per­form­ing vari­ant of the fam­ily, al­though not the largest. The RB30ET en­gine fea­tured a dis­place­ment of three liters and a tur­bocharger, but was in­tended for the Holden VL Com­modore. It did not have the same amount of block re­in­force­ment that the RB26DETT had, which lim­ited its peak out­put. By com­par­i­son, the RB26 block was avail­able in two ad­di­tional vari­a­tions. The RB26 N1 block, in­tended for N1 en­durance rac­ing, dif­fers from the stan­dard RB26 en­gine in the num­ber of re­in­force­ment ribs cast into the block. The strong­est and most valu­able RB26 en­gine, the ex­tremely rare and cov­eted RB26 GT block, was man­u­fac­tured for rac­ing teams. Only 1,000 ex­am­ples were cast, and they fea­ture the most re­in­force­ment of any RB en­gine. The only in­di­ca­tor of a GT block is a se­ries of three raised-let­ter Rs cast into the side of the block.

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