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Ac­cord­ing to World Tour com­peti­tor Se­bas­tian Zietz, the amount of in­juries the av­er­age pro surfer sus­tains is min­i­mal in com­par­i­son to, say, what foot­ball or base­ball play­ers deal with. “But when surfers do get in­jured, it can be pretty se­ri­ous be­cause you’re in the ocean,” says Zietz. “Some­times you can’t get a breath be­fore the next wave or you’re far away from help.” The worst for Zietz came in 2009, when he went for an al­ley oop at a se­cret spot in Hawaii, landed awk­wardly on the lip and sprained his left an­kle. “The spot was down a long trail, so Dy­lan Goodale had to piggy-back me all the way back to the trail­head,” Zietz re­mem­bers. “It was pretty clas­sic.”

1 Reef gash

2 High an­kle sprain

3 Lis­franc frac­ture

4 An­kle sprain

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