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New glasses from Oak­ley SI, an Amer­i­can leg­end.

Few companies rep­re­sent the Amer­i­can way more than Oak­ley Inc. Even fewer ac­tively par­tic­i­pate in help­ing first re­spon­ders and troops to the ex­tent that the Oak­ley Stan­dard Is­sue team – a ded­i­cated di­vi­sion within Oak­ley Inc. – does, and the com­pany re­in­forces that com­mit­ment with its new SI Speed Jacket shoot­ing glasses.

Shooter-spe­cific Fea­tures

De­signed with di­rect in­put from law en­force­ment and com­pet­i­tive shoot­ers, SI Speed Jacket hits all the tough points of high-per­for­mance eye pro­tec­tion. Fully com­pli­ant with ANSI Z87.1 im­pact stan­dards, the lens also of­fers a wide field of view. A thin ear-stem tech­nol­ogy is de­signed for over-the-ear com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems com­pat­i­bil­ity and hat in­te­gra­tion. SI Speed Jacket de­liv­ers all day fit and com­fort, but it is also built for those dy­namic mo­ments of tac­ti­cal and com­pet­i­tive move­ment.

To make the process of lens chang­ing fast, easy and has­sle-free, this tech­nol­ogy uses a sim­ple switch mech­a­nism to re­lease the mounted lens so a new one can be locked in in­stantly. It lets uses adapt their vi­sion and keep up with chang­ing light.

Prizm Lens Fea­tures

The most im­por­tant fea­ture of any eye pro­tec­tion is, of course, the lens. This is where Oak­ley ex­cels and is most in­no­va­tive.

Oak­ley’s new Stan­dard Is­sue PRIZM lenses for its shoot­ing and tac­ti­cal line of glasses are crisp and one of the high­est per­form­ing on the mar­ket. The lens is de­signed to in­crease your eye’s abil­ity to adapt to various light­ing con­di­tions by block­ing spe­cific wave­lengths along the color spectrum. Which wave­lengths are blocked de­pends on the spe­cific light­ing con­di­tions. Oak­ley pro­vides a dif­fer­ent lens for each light­ing con­di­tion a shooter will face in the field.

Be­cause Oak­ley’s PRIZM lenses are color-tuned specif­i­cally for shoot­ing, they boost a shooter’s recog­ni­tion of tar­gets by block­ing back­ground dis­trac­tions such as dirt, trees and sky. It’s as if Oak­ley is grant­ing op­er­a­tors the power of su­per sight. These lenses also im­prove a wearer’s abil­ity to see ret­i­cle pat­terns through a scope more

clearly. This al­lows shoot­ers to bet­ter de­ter­mine scale or po­si­tion when hon­ing in on tar­gets.

The pri­mary PRIZM lenses for shoot­ers are cur­rently the TR45 and the TR22. The TR45 PRIZM lens is a lighter­shaded lens and of­fers 45 per­cent VLT (vis­i­ble light trans­mis­sion), per­fect for over­cast days or low-light con­di­tions. The TR22 PRIZM lens is a darker shade and al­lows for 22 per­cent VLT, bet­ter for bright, sunny days. NON-PRIZM tech­nol­ogy lenses are gray (po­lar­ized and non-po­lar­ized) as well as black irid­ium (po­lar­ized and non-po­lar­ized). The com­pany also of­fers three other PRIZM lenses for mar­itime use.

All Oak­ley lenses are made from the com­pany's pro­pri­etary Plu­tonite, a high-pu­rity op­ti­cal­grade poly­car­bon­ate, to pro­tect wear­ers from frag­ments that could dam­age eyes. All lenses also block 100 per­cent of UVA, UVB, UVC and harm­ful vi­o­let-blue light up to 400nm.

Also stan­dard is a smudge-free lens coat­ing. The glasses stay firmly planted on your nose even in wet con­di­tions via hy­drophilic “Unob­tainium” nose pads. An ad­vanced back­side anti-fog coat­ing keeps the tar­get en­vi­ron­ment crisp and dis­trac­tion-free. A front-side hard coat­ing pro­vides scratch re­sis­tance.

In a mar­ket awash with various and cheap eye­wear, Oak­ley sets the stan­dard for any shooter. TW

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