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It’s no se­cret that the defin­ing mo­ment for the New Year is the grand state­ment of a res­o­lu­tion. Whether it’s to start some­thing, stop some­thing, do more of some­thing or do less of an­other, we all mark the be­gin­ning of a new cal­en­dar year as the start­ing point for change.

All too of­ten, how­ever, the res­o­lu­tion’s pol­ish wears off. The good in­tent re­mains, but some­how what we’ve re­solved to do dis­ap­pears into the back­ground. Life gets in the way, the goal be­comes un­re­al­is­tic, the right con­di­tions never seem to ma­te­ri­al­ize or the de­sired kick-start never starts kick­ing. Things get dif­fi­cult, and we start look­ing for an­other re­set point. And when we find it, we wait.

The re­al­ity is that no re­set is needed, no con­di­tions need to be met, and life doesn’t get in the way of your res­o­lu­tion. It’s all in the choices you make and whether they are con­sis­tent with the path you’ve re­solved to travel.

This is ob­vi­ous to those with a tac­ti­cal mind­set. “Tac­ti­cal” means tak­ing spe­cific ac­tions, care­fully planned, to reach a spe­cific end. The end game is your res­o­lu­tion, and the tac­tics are the choices you make to get there. Are all your choices con­sis­tent to achieve the goal you want? What is your end goal? To be a bet­ter shooter, or to de­fend your­self and the ones you love?

In this and every is­sue of Tac­ti­cal World, it’s our mis­sion to help you make those de­ci­sions. Whether point­ing out new train­ing meth­ods or in­tro­duc­ing you to man­u­fac­tur­ers who make you bet­ter at what you do, we want to pro­vide you with the nec­es­sary tools and in­for­ma­tion to help you make the right choices while trav­el­ing on your path.

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