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When you at­tend one of Emer­son’s classes, you may be stand­ing next to a Navy SEAL, Force Re­con Ma­rine, SWAT of­fi­cer or pro­fes­sional MMA fighter on one side and a com­puter pro­gram­mer, edi­tor or auto me­chanic on the other.

These cour­ses are open to all walks of life and, be­cause of that, the first few hours if not the first day are de­voted to the ba­sics:

• How to hold your hands up to pro­tect your head

• Box­ing drills to en­sure you can prop­erly throw a punch

• Jiu-jitsu throws and rolls

• Work on the heavy bag

These are not enough to make you able to go five rounds in a cage fight, but they are a skill builder or re­fresher for some.

“I can’t just give out train­ing knives to 20 peo­ple with whom I have never trained,” Emer­son said. “I would end up with 20 peo­ple who don’t know how to fight swing­ing knives around.”

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