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• Ma­chine cut for Trijicon RMR op­tic

• RMR cut cover plate (6061 alu­minum, hard an­odized)

• An­gled front cock­ing ser­ra­tions (left and right)

• Front top ser­ra­tions • An­gle cut bot­tom left/right of slide

• 45-de­gree cuts across all top sur­faces with ejec­tion port/breach face, front and rear cut step-off

• Pyra­mid rear cock­ing ser­ra­tions

• Mass re­duc­tion cuts

• Slide fin­ished in black ni­tride (other op­tions available)

• Fowler In­dus­tries’ Lock Back rear sight (plain black ser­rated rear)

• Plain black front (other op­tions available) • Pol­ished steel guide-rod with 17-pound re­coil spring

• Tex­tured Glock back plate

• Pol­ished in­ter­nals

• Match fit

• Off­set box flut­ing

• In­sets on top right of hood

• Re­cessed crown

• Cham­bered muz­zle

• Fin­ished stan­dard in black ni­tride (other op­tions available)

• 360-de­gree frame tex­ture (Fowler In­dus­tries’ pro­pri­etary ENT stip­pling)

• Trig­ger guard ra­diused dou­ble un­der­cut

• Tex­ture on sec­ond un­der­cut

• Mag­a­zine re­lease scal­lop (Gen 1-3 models only)

• Left and right frame flats tex­tured

• Fowler In­dus­tries’ En­hanced Glock Pin Set (EGPS)

• Match con­nec­tor (~4.5 to 5 pounds)

• Grip plug

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