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We started with a non-padded sling called the MK-1. If you are won­der­ing where that name came from, “MK-1” was the Naval nomen­cla­ture that Mike Noell at BLACK­HAWK! came up with due to his back­ground as a SEAL, and we just stuck with that. We now of­fer an MK-2, which is the padded ver­sion. If you’re car­ry­ing a heav­ier ri­fle for sniper use, it helps with the weight, es­pe­cially for guys that aren’t wear­ing body ar­mor, be­cause a lot of body ar­mor has big shoul­der pads.

We then made a lightweight multi-cam sling, and I told my for­mer co­horts that we had made it for them, just as a joke. A cou­ple of weeks later they or­dered a bunch of them. That was when we de­cided that we had to make that sling.

Since then, we have made the slings out of dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als to make them lighter. We have added rub­ber­ized pull tabs, some with bungee that can tran­si­tion from a two-point to a sin­gle-point. I pre­fer the bungee sling if I am us­ing some­thing like an MP5 or MPX, be­cause the gun is more com­pact, and the sling typ­i­cally at­taches at the rear of the re­ceiver. The only thing I don’t like about a bungee sling is if I use it on my M4 or AR-15, I have a harder time get­ting it re­ally tight to al­low me to shoot more ac­cu­rately. So, if you’re go­ing to do a lot of dy­namic stuff, I’d say it’s fine. But if you’re fo­cus­ing more on 100- to 300-yard shoot­ing, then you prob­a­bly want to use one that doesn’t have a bungee.

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