If we have to face an­other big storm, Irma taught us what to do bet­ter.

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• I’m glad I made ex­tra pots of cof­fee and stored in fridge so I would have my morn­ing caf­feine fix even with­out power. — Eileen Coogan

• Chi­nese gro­cers are in­trepid mer­chants will­ing to (brave) Irma. What I wish I had done — learn Man­darin be­fore the next storm. — Mon­ica Stynchula • That this state is pretty poorly pre­pared for a ma­jor evac­u­a­tion in terms of both high­way band­width and fuel. — Mike Geibel

• Irma is col­or­blind and non­par­ti­san and all of a sud­den most peo­ple are, too. Most are do­ing what they can for their neigh­bors in need. — Gane­sha Baro­jas Chaigneau

• I learned that if Irma would have buzz-sawed the west coast as pre­dicted as a Cat 4 . . . I would not be post­ing this. — Mike Ste­wart

• I learned to ver­ify that your wife didn’t throw away the bolts for the hur­ri­cane shut­ters when clean­ing the garage 5 years ago be­fore you re­ally need them and there are none to be found in the en­tire state! — Katy Clauer

• With­out power, we learned we can boil wa­ter on a propane turkey fryer, crush beans with a rolling pin and en­joy French press! — Ellen David

• 80 lbs of ice only lasted 2 days for 9 peo­ple. — Vanessa M. Dazio • I learned that swap­ping a Ben­jamin for a 5-gal­lon can of gas from Nancy in Ci­tra was money well spent to make it home safely! — Donna Marie

• I learned that my evac­u­a­tion zone went from D to A! — Sharon Deanne Davis


• Cook any raw meat be­fore the power goes. The day after, it was easier to steam cook burg­ers on camp stove than mess with mix­ing/fry­ing. — Darice Moore @DariceLMoore

• Can­vas sneak­ers are not good shoes for evac­u­at­ing. — Suf­fragette City @in­dik

• Flip flops may be cooler but re­ally not good in 10 inches of wa­ter. — Betty Parker @park­er­spolitic1

• Wa­ter frozen in con­tain­ers, milk car­tons be­comes drink­ing wa­ter as it melts. I didn’t need mine so gave it to neigh­bors w/o power — Su­san B @su­g­ustablvd

• Not to wait till the last minute to check out your gen­er­a­tor. Ours wasn’t work­ing. Good thing we didn’t need it. — TheVoiceOfRea­son @YurReal­i­tyCheck

• Don’t panic, but be pre­pared for any­thing. — Tori Lynn @tora­lyn70

•Grat­i­tude ev­ery freak­ing day! — UPSIDEDOWN4NOW @UPSIDEDOWN4NOW

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