Hep­ati­tis A: what you should know

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What is it?

Hep­ati­tis A is a dis­ease of the liver caused by the hep­ati­tis A virus and can be pre­vented with a vac­cine. It is trans­mit­ted per­son to per­son through the fe­cal-oral route or con­sump­tion of con­tam­i­nated food or wa­ter, and does not re­sult in chronic in­fec­tion. What are the symp­toms?

Most adults with hep­ati­tis A ex­pe­ri­ence fa­tigue, low ap­petite, stom­ach pain, nau­sea and jaun­dice that usu­ally re­solve within two months of in­fec­tion.

How to pre­vent it

An­ti­bod­ies pro­duced in re­sponse to hep­ati­tis A in­fec­tion last for life and pro­tect against re­in­fec­tion. The best way to pre­vent hep­ati­tis A in­fec­tion is to get vac­ci­nated.

Where to get vac­ci­nated

County health de­part­ments of­fer the vac­cine. So do most phar­ma­cies, in­clud­ing CVS, Wal­greens and Publix.

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