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Orig­i­nally, the con­cept of hu­man cy­borgs came up as a part of sci­ence fic­tion. but who knew that a char­ac­ter of fan­tasy would come true due to the progress of tech­nol­ogy. One can say that a cy­borg is the en­hance­ment of cer­tain body parts of an in­di­vid­ual with the help of tech­nol­ogy. Till a few years ago, in case an or­gan of a hu­man stopped work­ing, he had the op­tion of an or­gan trans­plant from another hu­man. The trans­plant was a very re­stric­tive process as it was ap­pli­ca­ble only for cer­tain parts of the body. but a hu­man cy­borg is one who has a ma­chine as a body part which is cus­tom­ized as per his needs. usu­ally th­ese ma­chines are de­signed in such a man­ner that they are di­rectly con­nected to the brain. For ex­am­ple, a pros­thetic limb works like a

ma­chine ac­cord­ing to cer­tain pro­grams in­stalled in it. but in the case of a hu­man cy­borg, this me­chan­i­cal limb is in sync to the brain nerves hence it works like a nor­mal limb.

Nigel Ack­land had lost his arm dur­ing an ac­ci­dent which took place at work. in order to re­place the lost arm, Ack­land got an up­grade with the help of tech­nol­ogy. He has got an ad­vanced ro­botic pros­thetic arm in­stalled. He con­trols the ro­botic arm with the help of the mus­cu­lar move­ments in the rest of his fore­arm. The range of his move­ments is al­most as good as a nor­mal arm. He is ca­pable of in­de­pen­dently mov­ing all his fin­gers for bet­ter grip.

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