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in case an in­di­vid­ual no­tices a strange new mole at any part of his skin, he should im­me­di­ately be­come aware about it. in case the in­di­vid­ual no­tices any fur­ther changes in the mole, he must con­sult a doc­tor. This is be­cause this might not be an or­di­nary mole; it can be one of the early symp­toms of me­lanoma, which is a type of skin can­cer. in case such a sit­u­a­tion takes place, cur­rently the doc­tors rec­om­mend ex­ci­sional biop­sies as the best pro­ce­dure as it helps in get­ting rid of the en­tire le­sion. Gen­er­ally an ex­ci­sional biopsy is a pain­less process. The pa­tient is given lo­cal anes­the­sia, af­ter which the sur­geon re­moves the sus­pi­cious spot along with a small mar­gin of skin around it. A few stitches are taken in order to close the wound. The pa­tient can con­ve­niently re­sume his daily ac­tiv­i­ties within a few days it­self.

in a sit­u­a­tion when the le­sion is sit­u­ated in a small or sen­si­tive area, then a deep shave biopsy is per­formed. For this, the spot is shaved off with the help of a ra­zor blade. When a le­sion is ex­tremely minute in size, a punch biopsy is con­ducted in which the le­sion is punched out with a cut­ter-like in­stru­ment. The most prefer­able biopsy is the ex­ci­sional biopsy as it leaves no traces of the in­fec­tion which re­duces the chances of fur­ther in­fec­tion.

Cait­lyn Scaggs was di­ag­nosed with me­lanoma at the age of 25 while she was preg­nant. Even though it was in the first stage, the mole wasn’t just on the top layer of the skin but was 0.75mm deep. Six days within this di­ag­no­sis, she had a wide ex­ci­sion surgery in which the hos­pi­tal staff also took care of the fact that her new­born baby must not be harmed as the mole was on the pa­tient’s lower back. Cur­rently, she is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing healthy skin and has not has any prob­lem ever since the surgery.

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