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If you could travel back in time three cen­turies, you’d en­counter the last of Louis XIV’S wars for dom­i­na­tion of the Europe, Ben­jamin Franklin pub­lish­ing Poor Richard’s Al­manack, and James Watt in­vent­ing the steam en­gine. This was a world dur­ing the Re­nais­sance Age (14th to the 17th cen­tury) and a bridge be­tween a pe­riod of Euro­pean ex­plo­ration and the age of ma­chines.

But what if we could look 300 years into the fu­ture? What would Earth look like in 2300? For starters, what will the weather be like? Will ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence have taken over the world? Will we have estab­lished the first hu­man set­tle­ment on Mars?

De­pend­ing on whom you ask, the year 2300 will ei­ther be very fu­tur­is­tic or an in­ferno of con­flicts. Some ex­perts sug­gest that by the 2100s, we will have be­gun us­ing au­toma­tion as a new means of out­sourc­ing. We will be­gin har­ness­ing at­mo­spheric water to give the planet one more chance against a global water cri­sis. We will fi­nally be­come a species har­ness­ing the en­tire sum of Earth’s en­ergy. Ei­ther way, the fu­ture looks quite im­pres­sive in­deed.

What other tech­nolo­gies will shape the fu­ture? Will hu­mans travel in star­ships? Will we re­side in both lu­nar and Mars colonies? Where will we go from here? Like al­ways, we wel­come your com­ments (face­book.com/ Tech­now­ize, @tech­now­ize on Twit­ter). You may reach us at editor@tech­now­ize.com or Editor - Tech­now­ize, The Fastest Me­dia, 3651 Lin­dell Road, Suite 320D, Las Ve­gas, NV 89103.

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