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Just like ev­ery year, even this year was filled with spec­u­la­tions about the next iphone. It was made an even big­ger deal as this year marked the 10-year an­niver­sary of the flag­ship phone. Along with this came the an­nounce­ment that the usual finger­print sen­sor of the phone will be re­placed with fa­cial recog­ni­tion soft­ware. There was a lot of hue and cry about the same as Ap­ple was fi­nally up­dat­ing its recog­ni­tion medium. What is sur­pris­ing is that this kind of tech­nol­ogy is preva­lent since a long time. Yet the ex­cite­ment for it is un­de­ni­able just be­cause the tech gi­ant Ap­ple Inc. is fi­nally of­fer­ing it. Is this a sign that tech­nol­ogy will be­come ac­cept­able only if a tech gi­ant sup­ports it?

Tak­ing facts into con­sid­er­a­tion, the con­cept of fa­cial recog­ni­tion came out in the late 19th cen­tury. It be­came a pop­u­lar method of ver­i­fi­ca­tion for govern­ment bod­ies in par­tic­u­lar. Af­ter al­most two decades of its in­ven­tion, Ap­ple has an­nounced that all its fu­ture iphones af­ter the iphone X will use this form of recog­ni­tion soft­ware. Ap­ple fans have ex­pressed their ex­cite­ment about the same but it seems that Ap­ple is slightly late in adopt­ing this tech­nol­ogy, just like OLED dis­plays and fold­able phones.

Fa­cial recog­ni­tion may be just an­other sell­ing point. iphone tops the list of the most pop­u­lar smart­phones on a global scale.

Peo­ple of­ten won­der what is the rea­son be­hind its high pop­u­lar­ity and prices. There is no deny­ing the fact that Ap­ple’s flag­ship phone comes with a high qual­ity of tech­ni­cal fea­tures. The only draw­back is that the tech gi­ant is slightly late in adopt­ing the tech­nol­ogy. By the time Ap­ple in­tro­duces a cer­tain fea­ture in its iphone, a cheaper ver­sion of the same is al­ready avail­able in the mar­ket. This af­fects the smart­phone’s sale dras­ti­cally. Af­ter the launch of the iphone X, Ap­ple has made it clear that none of its phones in fu­ture will have the Touch ID. This means that now on­wards all iphones will come with fa­cial recog­ni­tion. This an­nounce­ment is de­spite the fact that there are re­ports pop­ping up about is­sues faced by the users due to this fea­ture. It seems that Ap­ple is keen on mak­ing fa­cial recog­ni­tion a main­stream af­fair in a smart­phone. This is an in­di­ca­tion that it is time tech­nol­ogy be­comes so ad­vanced that even un­lock­ing a smart­phone will be hands-free.

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