Rif6 Cube

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This piece of gad­get is for all those who like things big. And please don’t get this in the wrong sense. The cube ac­tu­ally acts a pro­jec­tor to your phone. It gives you a 120” dis­play. All you need to do is con­nect your smart­phone to this de­vice and you can view movies, games, pic­tures, Ama­zon, Net­flix, Youtube and what not in a big­ger size. For the size that it comes in, it is ac­tu­ally quite bright. The com­pact­ness of this de­vice makes it easy to carry wher­ever you go. Don’t you agree that watch­ing films on your phone kills the fun of the big screen? Not to men­tion how much your eyes are strain­ing them­selves. This gad­get brings the fun of watch­ing things as they should be seen. It works great in sav­ing place in your home by not in­stalling a tele­vi­sion set in your new home. Imag­ine what a great com­pan­ion it can be even when the elec­tric­ity goes out. This Christ­mas, pam­per your­self with Rif6 Cube if you hate the small screens which ruin your fun ex­pe­ri­ence.

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