Lan­guage has gone for a toss, boss!

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The first thing that both­ers us a lot is the lan­guage of the dig­i­tal na­tives. The gen­eral in­ter­net cul­ture has also had its ef­fect on the English lan­guage, which breaks our heart. So­cial me­dia has the ef­fect of dumb­ing down peo­ple. We have heard in­stances where peo­ple have lost the art of talk­ing and more so, talk­ing elab­o­rately and elo­quently. Oh the charm of writ­ing and re­ceiv­ing let­ters! The con­ver­sa­tions on­line are re­ally scar­ring, to say the least. There seems to be no such thing vow­els in words. They are left upon the reader of the text to add them wher­ever re­quired. So words like ‘text’ be­come ‘txt’ and ‘road be­come ‘rd’. This is just the be­gin­ning. An­other thing that is amus­ing is how num­bers be­come a smaller part of a big­ger word. So for­ward be­comes 4wrd and great be­comes gr8. Let’s not dis­cuss the acronyms they use for phrases. This af­fects chil­dren in their stud­ies as well be­cause they do not seem to know the real spelling at all. It is also sad how peo­ple no longer use their brains to come up with bet­ter us­age of ad­jec­tives. Ev­ery­thing we see is ‘just awe­some’ or ‘way sexy’ ac­cord­ing to the so­cial but­ter­flies. What hap­pened to com­ing up with words and sen­tences that have an un­canny yet an el­e­gant flow. There is a lot that is cir­cu­lated on the net these days. It is not un­com­mon to want to be­long to a com­mu­nity. It is healthy in fact, to be a part of a group and in­dulge in con­ver­sa­tions. But in all of this we must choose wisely about what we take in and

what we com­mu­ni­cate. A lot of de­bates and war of words that take place on­line should not be given the cred­i­bil­ity they de­serve be­cause not ev­ery­one is an ex­pert. Base­less ar­gu­ments made on­line can be ex­tremely harm­ful to con­sume.

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