10 Years of Bit­coin Boom

Vir­tual cur­rency gives raise to real in­vest­ment cap­i­tal.

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On May 24, 2017, Satoshi Nakamoto was be­lieved to own $4.7 bil­lion in Bit­coins worth No sin­gle en­tity or govern­ment has con­trol over the cryp­tocur­rency. Top 1,000 Bit­coin ad­dresses con­trol 34.28 per­cent of to­tal Bit­coins in cir­cu­la­tion.

Bit­coin Mar­ket Cap­i­tal­iza­tion is 75.8 bil­lion by Au­gust 2017. Did you know that 64 per­cent of Bit­coins have never used and might never be used? FBI owns 1.5 per­cent of the world’s Bit­coins.

In 2015, in the USA only 802 cit­i­zens have filed taxes on Bit­coin In­come. Did you know that Chi­nese min­ing pools con­trol ap­prox­i­mately 81 per­cent of the Bit­coin net­work’s col­lec­tive hashrate? James Howell lost 7,500 Bit­coins by throw­ing his hard­drive which amount to over 4 mil­lion.

All Bit­coin trans­ac­tions are trans­par­ent and can be seen on Blockchain A Bit­coin net­work is more pow­er­ful than 500 su­per­com­put­ers put to­gether. New­ly­weds Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham trav­eled around the world us­ing the Bit­coin cur­rency.

Bit­coin is now a le­gal pay­ment method in Japan. Bel­gium and Fin­land ex­empts Bit­coin trans­ac­tions from VAT. Bit­coin is il­le­gal in Saudi Ara­bia, Kyr­gyzs­tan, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Bo­livia.

Liber­land, a mi­crona­tion ac­cepts bit­coin as re­serve cur­rency. North Amer­ica has 75 per­cent of World’s Bit­coin ATMS.

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