Rab­bitt took a few years to pay at­ten­tion to ‘Warn­ing Sign’

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This week in 1985: the United States an­nounced plans to de­ploy nu­clear arms in Canada, Ice­land, Ber­muda and Puerto Rico; Mur­ray Hay don be­came the third per­son to re­ceive an ar­ti­fi­cial heart; an Ibe­ria Boe­ing jet crashed into a moun­tain in Spain, killing 142 peo­ple; and a singer from Brook­lyn had his 28th hit record.

Ac­cord­ing to Ed­die Rab­bitt, he had the idea for his 1985 hit song “Warn­ing Sign” in his head for three years be­fore he started writ­ing the song.

Ed­die com­mented, “The idea was just there and I’d think about it ever so of­ten—think­ing I would write the song some­day. One af­ter­noon at the of­fice—I told Even Stevens about the idea and that I thought we should work on the idea be­cause I wanted to write it and it just seemed to have a nice feel about it. And he told me that the idea was OK but he wanted to work on some­thing else. So I kept putting off work­ing on the song. Well I fi­nally men­tioned the idea again and he still didn’t want to work on it. So I just went home and started writ­ing the song. I was just tired of putting it off. I was fi­nally ready to write the song. And later when I showed Even what I had writ­ten, he got kind of ex­cited about and was ready to work on it. So we fin­ished writ­ing the song to­gether. But I al­ways be­lieved in the song—in the idea.”

Ed­die Rab­bitt’s Warner Records sin­gle “Warn­ing Sign” en­tered the coun­try mu­sic charts Feb. 23, 1985, and peaked at No. 4. It was Ed­die’s 28th charted song and was on the charts for 19 weeks.

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