Sleep­ing tips to get the kids ready

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA - By Marichelle Rocha

Now that sand cas­tles have been swept away and suit­cases have been stored away…the sum­mer morn­ings have prob­a­bly been UHSlDFHd by wHHNdDy bUHDNfDsts fil­lHd with, “Hurry up and eat or you’ll be late for school!”

Your nightly ‘Time for Bed’ call may be Dn­swHUHd with D SlHDd­ing, “CDn I stDy uS D lit­tlH lDtHU?” oU “:hy do I hDYH to go to bHd so early?”

Tran­si­tion­ing to a school time sched­ule isn’t HDsy, but wH FDn hHlS ouU Nids HDsH into a healthy sleep pat­tern af­ter an er­ratic sum­mHU sFhH­dulH. (xSHUts, suFh thH 0HdiFDl DiUHF­toU of thH SlHHS DisoUdHUs CHn­tHU Dt St. ChUis­toShHU’s HosSitDl foU ChildUHn, DDnnD TDubHU, 0D Dnd 03H, sug­gHsts try­ing the fol­low­ing steps over a two-week time frame.

1. BDsHd on youU Nids’ sum­mHU sFhH­dulHs, put your kids to bed 15 min­utes ear­lier and wake them up 15 min­utes ear­lier.

2. Use the same bed­time and wakeup timH foU D fHw dDys, thHn in­FUHDsH thH timH DnothHU fiftHHn min­utHs foU both timHs.

3. AgDin, NHHS thH sDmH timH foU D fHw days.

4. Con­tinuH with this SDt­tHUn un­til you have reached the de­sired wakeup time.

5. Stay strong and stick with the sched­ule…even on the week­ends. Rec­om­mended Sleep for Chil­dren Do you won­der if your kids are get­ting enough sleep? The amount of rec­om­mended sleep varies by age. Here are some guide­lines from the Na­tional Sleep Foun­da­tion’s web­site (sleep­foun­da­ New­born (1-2 months): 10 ½ to 18 hours In­fDnts (3-11 months): 9 to 12 houUs, two naps of 30 min­utes to two hours each

Tod­dlHUs (1-3 yHDUs): 12-14 houUs, onH nap of 1-3 hours 3UH-SFhool (3-5 yHDUs): 11-13 houUs School Age (5-12 years): 10-11 hours THHns: 9+ houUs

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