The Advance of Bucks County - - POLICE REPORTS -

All in­for­ma­tion pro­vided by the Bris­tol Bor­ough Po­lice:

Fri­day, Aug. 24

PrBLIC INTOuICATION: Shane .HOOHU, aJH 42, no fixHG aGGUHss, was FLWHG on Aug. 19 at 8:30 p.m. at tal­mart, Com­merce Circle, Bris­tol.

THEcT: A ve­hi­cle parked on Pond Street was HnWHUHG soPHWLPH ovHUnLJhW on AXJ. 22. SWoOHn was $12 Ln Fash anG a DXnNLn DonXWs GHELW FaUG, vaOXHG aW $30.

A77E037ED 7HEF7: A vHhLFOH SaUNHG on 7ayOoU SWUHHW was HnWHUHG soPHWLPH overnight on Aug. 22. The ve­hi­cle’s comSaUWPHnWs wHUH UansaFNHG, EXW noWhLnJ was taken.

7HEF7: A EOXH SFh­wLnn 3-whHHO ELFyFOH, vaOXHG aW $225, was sWoOHn IUoP :LO­son Av­enue on Aug. 23 at 10:07 a.m.

Mon­day, Aug. 27

9A1DAL,S0: A wLnGow was shoW oXW wLWh a BB JXn on 0LOO SWUHHW soPHWLPH overnight on Aug. 20.

CI­TA­TIONS: dary terkheiser, age 38, oI FaUUaJXW AvHnXH, was FLWHG IoU GL­soUGHUly con­duct and pub­lic drunk­en­ness on Aug. 23 aW 5:40 S.P. on FaUUaJXW AvHnXH.

A872 7HEF7: A 2005 sLOvHU 3onWLaF drand Am, Penn­syl­va­nia reg­is­tra­tion No. HX99959, was sWoOHn IUoP GaUGHn anG Corson streets some­time overnight on Aug. 22.

D,S2RDERLY C21D8C7: APaOLa 2UWLz, aJH 23, oI DoUUanFH SWUHHW anG 7yUonH FXUOow, aJH 23, oI RosH ASSOH RoaG, LHvLWWown, wHUH FLWHG on AXJ. 26 aW 2:51 a.P. on DoUUanFH SWUHHW.

THEcT: A ve­hi­cle parked on Pond Street was HnWHUHG on AXJ. 23 aW 3 a.P. anG a FHOO ShonH was sWoOHn.

9A1DAL,S0: AOO WLUHs wHUH GHflaWHG on a Ply­mouth mini­van parked in the rear of Pond Street some­time overnight on Aug. 25.

D,S2RDERLY C21D8C7: ChULsWLnH CUHHFh, aJH 34, oI 9aOOHy RoaG, LHvLWWown and Jaryd Sy­der, age 23, of Stoney­brook DULvH, LHvLWWown, wHUH FLWHG on AXJ. 26 aW 11:57 a.P. aW RLWH ALG, 3onG SWUHHW, BULsWoO.

Tues­day, Aug. 28

RE7A,L 7HEF7: AshOHy SHWWLno, aJH 26, oI 1HwSoUW RoaG, BULsWoO 7own­shLS, was

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