County for­wards gam­ing re­quests to RDA

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA - By Natalya Bu­cuy

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AW LWs SHSW. 19 PHHWLng, WhH BuFNs County Board of Com­mis­sion­ers apSOLHd fRr D shDrH Rf gDPLng funds Rn EHhDOf Rf FRunWy PunLFLSDOLWLHs sur­rRundLng Dnd ERrdHrLng WhH PDrx &Dsino in Ben­salem.

Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties such as Bris­tol, )DOOs Dnd PHn­ndHO, DPRng RWhHrs whR nHLghERr WhH FDsLnR Ln BHn­sDOHP, Ds wHOO Ds FHrWDLn DgHnFLHs wLWhLn WhH county have an op­por­tu­nity to an­nuDOOy suEPLW DSSOLFDWLRns fRr WhH funds WR WhH FRunWy, DFFRrdLng WR FRPPLssLRnHr FhDLrPDn 5REHrW LRughHry.

The county, he said, then ap­plies Rn EHhDOf Rf WhH PunLFLSDOLWLHs Dnd DgHnFLHs Dnd fRr­wDrds WhH DSSOLFD­tions to the county’s rede­vel­op­ment DuWhRrLWy. 7hH funds, whLFh DrH PHDnW WR suSSRrW ORFDO SrRMHFWs, FRPH frRP D RnH SHrFHnW drDw frRP gDPLng funds. 7hH Dn­nuDO drDw DYHrDgHs EHWwHHn $3.5 PLOOLRn WR $3.8 PLOOLRn, LRughHry sDLd.

DurLng WhH PHHWLng, WhH FRunWy ap­proved nine lo­cal ap­pli­ca­tions, in­FOudLng WhrHH SrRMHFWs frRP BrLsWRO BRrRugh – D SurFhDsH Rf D wDsWHwDWHr MHW WruFN, uS­grDdH WR D sHwDgH SuPSLng sWDWLRn Dnd WhH SurFhDsH Rf 84 HPHrgHnFy sHrYLFHs rDdLRs DOO WRWDOLng $945,557.

2WhHr SrRMHFWs LnFOudH )DOOs 7Rwn­ship’s pur­chase of equip­ment and WrDLnLng fRr WhH SWA7 WHDP WRWDOLng $278,148, WhH BuFNs &RunWy HHDOWh ,PSrRYHPHnW PrRMHFW’s HxSDn­sLRn Rf Dn DduOW FOLnLF Ln BHn­sDOHP WRWDOLng $200,000, BuFNs &RunWy &hLO­drHn’s AdYRFDFy &HnWHr’s DSSOLFDWLRn fRr $50,000 WR rHnRYDWH LWs EuLOdLng, WhH LRwHr BuFNs PuEOLF SDfHWy 7rDLnLng Fa­cil­ity’s an­nual op­er­a­tions sup­port Rf $800,000 Dnd PHn­ndHO BRrRugh’s DSSOLFDWLRn fRr $257,636 fRr SROLFH fDFLOLWy uS­grDdH.

The com­mis­sion­ers also ap­proved D ODsW PLnuWH Dd­dLWLRn frRP LDnghRrnH BRrRugh fRr $30,000 WR suSSRrW SROLFH YHhLFOH uS­grDdHs.

Com­mis­sioner Charles Martin said hH suSSRrWs DOO WhH SrRMHFWs, EuW sDLd hH wRuOd OLNH WR hLghOLghW Dnd shRw SrHfHrHnFH Rf WhH HHDOWh ,PSrRYHPHnW PrRMHFW’s rHTuHsW Dnd WhH LRwHr BuFNs PuEOLF SDfHWy 7rDLnLng’s DSSOLFDWLRns whHn fRr­wDrdLng WhH DSSOLFDWLRns WR WhH 5HdHYHORSPHnW Author­ity.

Com­mis­sioner Diane El­lis-MarsHgOLD DOsR suSSRrWHd WhH DSSOLFD­tions.

“WH nHHd DOO WhH hHOS wH FDn gHW finDnFLDOOy,” shH sDLd.

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