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Fri­day, Sept. 14

7HEF7 – A UeVLGenW IURP CheUUy BORVVRP DULYe UeSRUWeG WhaW VRPeRne VWROe a haOI a WanN RI gaV IURP hLV Ye­hLFOe Rn SeSW. 12. 7he gaV waV YaOueG aW $35.

Satur­day, Sept. 15

7HEF7 – A UeVLGenW IURP GeOGeU DULYe UeSRUWeG haYLng hRVWeG a SaUWy Whe nLghW be­fore and that un­in­vited per­sons showed up. In the morn­ing he found that ap­prox­LPaWeOy $4,000 wRUWh RI eOeFWURnLFV waV miss­ing from the house.

Sun­day, Sept. 16

D8I CHA5GES PE1DI1G - :hLOe Rn SaWURO anG WUaYeOLng nRUWhERunG Rn BuFN 5RaG an RI­fiFeU Vaw a Ye­hLFOe Ln IURnW RI hLP Uun a VWeaGy UeG WUaI­fiF VLg­naO aW West sil­lage Road. The ve­hi­cle was VWRSSeG aW HeaWheU VaOOey 5RaG anG :eVW sil­lage Road. The op­er­a­tor was iden­ti­fieG aV -RVeSh MaOFRPe, 21, RI HROOanG. BaVeG Rn REVeUYaWLRn anG Whe LnaELOLWy RI MaOFRPe WR VuFFeVVIuOOy FRPSOeWe a VeULeV RI fieOG GexWeULWy WeVWV, he waV WaNen LnWR FuVWRGy Rn VuVSLFLRn RI haYLng Eeen GULYLng whLOe unGeU Whe Ln­flu­enFe. He waV WUanVSRUWeG WR Whe SW. MaUy MeGLFaO Cen­ter where sam­ples of his blood were REWaLneG IRU anaOyVLV. He waV When WaNen to po­lice head­quar­ters and pro­cessed beIRUe EeLng UeOeaVeG WR a IaPLOy PePEeU. ChaUgeV UeOaWLng WR D8I aUe SenGLng Whe lab re­port.

Tues­day, Sept. 18

:A55A17 A55ES7 – DaYLG 5RPanR, 59, RI HRuVWRn, 7exaV, waV WaNen LnWR FuVWRGy Ln Whe 100 EORFN RI GUeen DULYe Rn an RuWVWanGLng waUUanW. He waV WUanV­ported to po­lice head­quar­ters where he waV WUanVIeUUeG WR Whe FuVWRGy RI GeSuWLeV IURP Whe BuFNV CRunWy SheULII’V DeSaUW­ment.

Wed­nes­day, Sept. 19

7HEF7 – A UeVLGenW IURP Whe 200 EORFN of Wor­thing­ton Mill Road re­ported the WheIW IURP heU GULYe­way RI an ROG FORWheV GUyeU Vhe haG SOaFeG WheUe whLOe aWWePSWing to sell it. The theft oc­curred some­time af­ter mid­night on Sept. 17. The GUyeU haG an eVWLPaWeG YaOue RI $200.

7HEF7 F52M VE­HI­CLE – A UeVLGenW IURP BUanGy­wLne CRuUW UeSRUWeG WhaW unNnRwn aFWRU(V) haG enWeUeG hLV unORFNeG wRUN WUuFN WhaW waV SaUNeG Ln Whe GULYe­way anG VWROe $400 Ln FaVh.

Thurs­day, Sept. 20

D8I - :hLOe Rn SaWURO an RI­fiFeU RE­served a ve­hi­cle trav­el­ing north on West sil­lage Road well in ex­cess of the posted 25 mph speed limit. The ve­hi­cle was VWRSSeG aW :eVW VLOOage 5RaG anG BOaNeU’V :ay anG Whe RSeUaWRU LGenWL­fieG aV HaVVan :aUGL, 45, RI HROOanG. BaVeG Rn REVeUYaWLRnV anG :aUGL’V LnaELOLWy WR VuFFeVVIuOOy FRPSOeWe a VeULeV RI fieOG GexWeULWy WeVWV, he waV WaNen LnWR FuVWRGy Rn sus­pi­cion of hav­ing been driv­ing while unGeU Whe Ln­flu­enFe. He waV WUanVSRUWeG WR Whe SW. MaUy MeGLFaO CenWeU wheUe he re­fused to sub­mit to the draw­ing of blood sam­ples af­ter be­ing in­formed of Whe Pen­nVyOYanLa IPSOLeG CRnVenW Law. He waV When WaNen WR SROLFe heaGTuaUWeUV and pro­cessed be­fore be­ing re­leased to a IaPLOy PePEeU. ChaUgeV wLOO Ee fiOeG IRU D8I anG PennD27 wLOO Ee nRWL­fieG RI hLV re­fusal to sub­mit to chem­i­cal test­ing in or­der to im­pose ad­min­is­tra­tive sanc­tions Rn :aUGL’V RSeUaWLng SULYLOegeV.

A55ES7 - BU­Lan HRUan, 20, RI LeYLWWRwn waV WaNen LnWR FuVWRGy aW a IaPLOy PePEeU’V hRPe Ln FaOOV 7RwnVhLS aIWeU EeLng FhaUgeG wLWh WheIW Ey unOawIuO WaNLng anG UeFeLYLng VWROen SURSeUWy. 7he charges stem from a Sept. 5 in­ci­dent in which po­lice be­lieve he stole a di­a­mond ULng IURP a MeweOUy ERx aW a hRPe he waV FOeanLng Ln Whe 100 EORFN RI CaURO Lane. The ring had an es­ti­mated value of $6,000. HRUan waV WaNen WR SROLFe heaGquar­ters where he was pro­cessed be­fore EeLng aUUaLgneG EeIRUe DLVWULFW -uGge :LOOLaP Benz. HRUan waV UePanGeG WR Whe BuFNV CRunWy CRUUeFWLR­naO FaFLOLWy Ln OLeu RI $25,000 (10 SeUFenW) EaLO.

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