San­tar­siero, PECO dis­cuss power out­age is­sues

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA - By Cary Beavers


LOWER MAKEFIELD - State Rep. Steve San­tar­siero, D-31, hosted a pub­lic meet­ing with PECO at the LRwHr 0DNH­fiHOG 7RwnVKLS BuLOGLnJ 7KurVGDy HvHnLnJ WR GLVFuVV rHOLDELOLWy – Rr ODFN RI LW – RI HOHFWrLF VHrvLFH along the Dol­ing­ton and Wood­side cor­ri­dors.

7KRuJK WKH PHHWLnJ FDPH in the wake of Hur­ri­cane SDnGy DnG WKH wLGHVSrHDG power out­ages that fol­lowed, the storm was not the im­pe­tus for the gath­er­ing, which San­tar­siero said drew more than 70 res­i­dents. It was acWuDOOy D IROORw-uS PHHWLnJ to a sim­i­lar ses­sion held in Septem­ber.

“I re­ceived a num­ber of com­plaints from folks who KDG vHry IrHquHnW SRwHr out­ages,” San­tar­siero said. “7KHy DVNHG uV WR LnWHrFHGH with PECO.”

7KH rHSrHVHnWDWLvH wDV RnOy WRR KDSSy WR REOLJH, and not just be­cause his own house has been plagued with re­cur­rent in­ter­rup­tions to his elec­tric ser­vice.

“7KHrH DrH D nuPEHr RI neigh­bor­hoods in Lower 0DNH­fiHOG DnG YDrGOHy wLWK power out­ages as­so­ci­ated with storms far less se­vere WKDn said.

San­tar­siero said Hur­ri­cane Irene, which swept through the area in Au­gust, 2011 and the Oc­to­ber, 2011 snow­storm sparked di­a­logue be­tween the rep­re­sen­ta­tive and 3EC2. 7KRVH GLVFuVVLRnV led to the re­cent meet­ings, the fo­cus of which has been the Lin­ton Cir­cuit, an elec­tri­cal cir­cuit that runs off of the Lin­ton sub­sta­tion near Lin­ton Hill Road in New­town 7RwnVKLS, SDnWDrVLHrR VDLG. 7KH LLnWRn CLrFuLW KDV EHHn PECO’s lo­cal fo­cus as well.

Ac­cord­ing to the rep­re­sen­ta­tive, PECO told him that since Septem­ber, the HnHrJy FRPSDny “KDV SurVuHG D vHry DJJrHVVLvH WrHHtrim­ming and re­moval plan.” More than 90 trees have been re­moved, ac­cord­ing to San­tar­siero.

“7KDW wRrN KDV DOrHDGy had an im­pact on some of the


SDnWDrVLHrR neigh­bor­hoods,” San­tar­siero VDLG. ,rRnLFDOOy, SDnWDrVLHrR, who said his home had lost power nu­mer­ous times afWHr nRW-vHry-VHvHrH wHDWKHr, wDV wLWKRuW HOHFWrLFLWy IRr just 45 min­utes dur­ing Hur­rLFDnH SDnGy.

San­tar­siero said that the WrHH wRrN LV WKH firVW RI D two-phase plan to cor­rect the SrREOHP. 7KH nHxW SKDVH “Ln- vROvHV uSJrDGLnJ HquLSPHnW, in­stalling new break­ers and, in the case of one neigh­bor­hood, re­plac­ing un­der­ground wiring,” ac­cord­ing to San­tar­siero.

PECO will continue its DnDOyVLV RI RWKHr nHLJKERr­hoods who suf­fer power out­ages on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, San­tar­siero said, adding that he be­lieves most, if not all, area wRrN wLOO EH FRPSOHWHG Ey late win­ter.

2IfiFLDOV IrRP 3EC2 DrH sched­uled to at­tend the LowHr 0DNH­fiHOG BRDrG RI DLrHFWRrV PHHWLnJ DHF. 5. 7KDW ap­pear­ance, though, will IRFuV ODrJHOy Rn Hur­rLFDnH SDnGy, EHFDuVH WKH FRPSDny wRn’W KDvH WKH DnDOyVLV for the other neigh­bor­hoods FRPSOHWH Ey WKDW WLPH.

Steve San­tar­siero

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