Deon fam­ily do­nates Burling­ton-bris­tol bridge mu­ral

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA - By El­iz­a­beth Fisher

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BRIS­TOL BOR­OUGH - When Bris­tol Bor­ough na­tive Pasquale Deon died in 2008, it was left to his fam­ily to sort through his pos­ses­sions, in­clud­ing his PDny flHD PDUNHW finGs. EvHn hLs wLGRw Anna Mae was sur­prised by some of the WUHD­suUHs shH IRunG Ln hLs RI­fiFH DW WhH FRu­ple’s clorida home, in­clud­ing a 10-foot by four-foot mu­ral of the Burling­ton-Bris­tol Bridge, painted by a Philadel­phia-area artLsW, WLOODUG BRURw (1918-1988).

Such a large piece of art needed a home and Anna Mae Deon thought maybe Bris­tol Bor­ough, where her hus­band grew up, wRuOG bH MusW WhH ULJhW SODFH IRU LW. AW WhH 1Rv. 12 FRunFLO PHHWLnJ, WhH DHRn IDPLOy and guests gath­ered in the coun­cil cham­ber to present the framed mu­ral, which will hang in the mu­nic­i­pal community PHHWLnJ URRP, sDLG DHRn’s GDuJhWHU, LLsD.

Lisa had pre­vi­ously con­tacted the bor- RuJh WR DsN IDPLOy IULHnG DnG bRURuJh man­ager James Dillon if Bris­tol would acFHSW WhH wRUN. 2I FRuUsH LW wRuOG, DLOORn UHsSRnGHG. ThH wRUN wDs IUDPHG DnG WhH GDWH IRU WhH SUHsHnWDWLRn wDs sHW. SWLOO, LLsD GHFLGHG WR GR sRPH UHsHDUFh Rn BRURw. ShH wDs Ln IRU DnRWhHU suUSULsH, shH sDLG.

Borow has a son, Lawrence Borow 0.D., whRsH SUDFWLFH Ls Ln BDOD Cyn­wyG, DnG whR Ls DOsR Dn DUWLsW. LLsD FRnWDFWHG him and told him about the mu­ral of the bULGJH DnG WhH FRPLnJ SUHsHnWDWLRn.

“HH sDLG hH wRuOG OLNH WR bH WhHUH. HH brought his son Tood, a New­town at­tornHy. ,W wDs vHUy hHDUWwDUPLnJ IRU WhLs JLIW from my fam­ily to be ac­cepted by the borRuJh. 0y IDWhHU JUHw uS Rn WDshLnJWRn Street and he loved ev­ery­thing about the WRwn,” LLsD sDLG.

An­other piece of his­tory came with the PuUDO. SRPHWLPH GuULnJ hLs flHD PDUNHW wDnGHULnJs, PDsTuDOH SLFNHG uS D 2-IRRW by 2-foot ce­ment slab that once served as an in­sert in one of the bridges that sSDn­nHG WhH DHODwDUH CDnDO WhDW FuWs WhURuJh WhH bRURuJh. ThH sWRnH GDWHs bDFN WR 1691.

PHn­nD2T LnIRUPHG LLsD WhDW 1691 Ls prob­a­bly the date the bridge was ded­i­catHG. ,W Ls LPSRssLbOH, WhH DJHnFy WROG hHU, to iden­tify which bridge the slab came from be­cause so many of the old spans wHUH UHSODFHG Ln WhH 1950s. CRunFLO PUHsLGHnW 5DOSh DLGuLsHSSH ex­pressed his ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the mu­ral DnG WhH sWRnH bHFDusH hH NnHw PDsTuDOH DnG hH NnRws hRw PuFh PDsTuDOH’s hRPHWRwn PHDnW WR hLP.

“I’m glad the fam­ily thought enough of us WR OHDvH sRPHWhLnJ OLNH WhLs wLWh us. ,W shows that you can leave Bris­tol, but BrisWRO sWDys wLWh yRu,” DLGuLsHSSH sDLG.

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