The Advance of Bucks County - - POLICE REPORTS -

The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion is pro­vided by the Bris­tol Town­ship Po­lice De­part­ment

Mon­day, Nov. 26

7HEF7 – $W 9:12 D.P., Rn 1RUWRn $Ye., SROLce GLscRYeUeG WKDW sRPeWLPe wLWKLn WKe ODsW cRu­SOe Rf GDys unNnRwn suEMecW(s) sWROe D DeOO 7RweU cRPSuWeU DnG EusL­ness SKRne cRn­sROe. $SSURxL­mate value A700.00

7HEF7 – $W 2:24 S.P., Rn 1ewSRUW DnG 1ewSRUWYLOOe URDGs, SROLce GLscRYeUeG WKDW sRPeWLPe GuULnJ WKe SUeYLRus WwR KRuUs Dn unNnRwn suEMecW(s) sWROe D SWLKO, 7S 400, 14”, RUDnJe PuOWL-SuUSRse sDw. $SSURxLPDWe YDOue $650.00

9$1D$L,S0 - $W 2:30 S.P., Rn WKe 1100 EORcN Rf .DUen $Ye., CURyGRn, SROLce GLscRYeUeG WKDW sRPeWLPe Rn 1RY. 23 unNnRwn suEMecW(s) DWWePSWeG WR sWeDO WKe UDGLR fURP D 2006 1LssDn, cDus­ing dam­age to the in­te­rior of the ve­hi­cle. $SSURxLPDWe GDPDJe $3,000.00

9$1D$L,S0 – DW 1:02 S.P., Rn WKe 2200 EORcN Rf 3DOPeU $Ye., SROLce GLscRYeUeG WKDW sRPeWLPe RYeUnLJKW unNnRwn suEMecW(s) EURNe WKe GULYeU’s-sLGe wLnGRw Rf D 1994 0eUcuUy. $SSURxL­mate value A100.

Sun­day, Nov. 25

$RRES7 – $7 2:12 D.P. Rn 9eWeUDns

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