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The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion is pro­vided by the Mid­dle­town Town­ship Po­lice De­part­ment:

Wed­nes­day, Dec. 12

Po­lice said that seven ve­hi­cles in the Cobalt Ridge sec­tion of Le­vit­town were bur­glar­ized on Dec. 12 and 13. An Iphone4 was taken from an un­locked 2009 Honda parked on Camelia Road. Loose change was stolen from an un­locked 2008 Kia parked on Cobalt Cross Road. Tools DnG D flDVKOLJKW wHUH PLVVLnJ IURP Dn XnORFNHG 2001 Ford parked on Cleft Rock Road. Loose change was taken and a head­set dam­aged on an un­locked 2003 Chevy mini-van parked on Cliff Road.Po­lice also said a lap­top com­puter was re­ported stolen from an un­locked 2012 Nis­san parked on Cleft Rock Road, a neb­u­lizer was miss­ing from a 200S Hyundai parked on Car­di­nal Road. And loose change was re­ported stolen from an un­locked 2001 Toy­ota parked on Cobalt Drive North.Po­lice said sev­eral other ve­hi­cles ap­peared to be en­tered through­out the Cobalt Ridge sec­tion, but it was un­known at the time of this report what may be miss­ing from the ve­hi­cles. EUHDWK DnG DVNHG IRU KLV LGHnWL­fiFDWLRn. 7KH 21 year-old res­i­dent of New­town Town­ship providHG KLV GULYHU’V OLFHnVH DnG WROG WKH RI­fiFHU WKDW KH had walked to the store and called a taxi to pick him up. The sub­ject was told to sit on the curb to wait for the cab, but af­ter sev­eral min­utes the RI­fiFHU nRWLFHG WKDW WKH PDn KDG OHIW WKH SDUNLnJ ORW. 7KH RI­fiFHU ORFDWHG KLP Ln D nHDUEy SDUNLnJ lot and ad­min­is­tered a por­ta­ble breath test be­fore trans­port­ing the man home. He will be charged with pub­lic drunk­en­ness.

FRAUD - Shortly af­ter 4 p.m. a res­i­dent of Grant Street re­ported that an un­known ac­tor had charged nearly $30,000 over the past two days on her credit card, which has been ter­mi­nated. The res­i­dent will pro­vide doc­u­men­ta­tion and state­ments to the de­tec­tive di­vi­sion on Mon­day for in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

RE­TAIL THEFT - At ap­prox­i­mately 9 p.m. po­lice were dis­patched to McCaf­frey’s Mar­ket for a report of a re­tail theft. Ac­cord­ing to an em­ployee, a group of ju­ve­niles came into the store DnG flHG Rn IRRW DIWHU EHLnJ FRnIURnWHG Ey Dn HP­ployee. A de­scrip­tion of the ju­ve­niles was proYLGHG DnG RI­fiFHUV ORFDWHG WKHP nHDUEy. 7KH IRXU male sub­jects, two 14-year-olds and a 15-yearold, all res­i­dents of New­town Town­ship, along with a 13-year-old from Northamp­ton Town­ship, DGPLWWHG WKHLU LnYROYHPHnW DnG VKRwHG RI­fiFHUV where they hid the mer­chan­dise they took. They were then trans­ported to po­lice head­quar­ters, where their re­spec­tive par­ents re­sponded to pick them up. All four were co­op­er­a­tive and will be re­ferred to New­town Town­ship’s vouth Aid Panel.

Sun­day, Dec. 9

CRIM­I­NAL MIS­CHIEF - Po­lice re­sponded to a home on Kanon Court at 4:48 p.m. for a report of dam­aged Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions. The res­i­dent WROG WKH RI­fiFHU WKDW DW VRPH SRLnW DIWHU 5 S.P. on Satur­day un­known sub­ject(s) cut a strand of Christ­mas lights that were on a shrub in his front yDUG. 7KH RI­fiFHU REVHUYHG WKH VWUDnG RI OLJKWV and it ap­peared that they had been cut with a pair of scis­sors or a sharp in­stru­ment. The value of the lights is es­ti­mated to be $20.

Mon­day, Dec. 11

CRIM­I­NAL MIS­CHIEF - Shortly af­ter 4 p.m. po­lice re­sponded to Bucks County Com­mu­nity Col­lege for a report that a win­dow of a parked YHKLFOH KDG EHHn EURNHn. 7KH UHVSRnGLnJ RI­fiFHU ob­served a large hole in the right side rear win­dow, but didn’t lo­cate any­thing that may have cause the dam­age.

Wed­nes­day, Dec. 12

TRUCK DE­TAIL - Pa­trols con­ducted a truck de­tail on the New­town By­pass from 7 a.m. un­til ap­prox­i­mately 1:30 p.m.; 15 trucks stopped with one vi­o­la­tion be­ing dis­cov­ered and one ci­ta­tion is­sued to the driver of the ve­hi­cle.

EuPIRED TAGS - At ap­prox­i­mately 10:10 a.m. a res­i­dent of Se­quoia Drive called po­lice to report that a ve­hi­cle with ex­pired tags had been parked along the street for an ex­tended pe­riod of WLPH. 7KH UHVSRnGLnJ RI­fiFHU FRn­fiUPHG WKDW WKH tag, in­spec­tion and emis­sions stick­ers were all HxSLUHG. 7KH RI­fiFHU FDOOHG WKH RwnHU DnG OHIW D mes­sage that the ve­hi­cle needed to be moved or an aban­doned ve­hi­cle sticker will be placed on it and even­tu­ally towed.

THEFT - gust be­fore 12 p.m. po­lice were dis­patched to a con­struc­tion site on goseph Drive Ln :ULJKWVWRwn IRU D UHSRUW WKH WKHIW RI URRfinJ shin­gles. The con­struc­tion fore­man told the of­fiFHU WKDW WKH VWROHn SURSHUWy wDV YDOXHG DW DSprox­i­mately $4,400.

Sun­day, Dec. 9

DUI – On New­town-Rich­boro Road by Fir DULYH, Dn RI­fiFHU REVHUYHG D YHKLFOH WUDYHOLnJ DW a high rate of speed east on New­town-Rich­boro Road by East Pick­er­ing Bend. While fol­low­ing WKH YHKLFOH WKH RI­fiFHU VDw WKDW LW wDV VHHn EHing driven in an er­ratic man­ner. The ve­hi­cle was stopped near Fir Drive and the op­er­a­tor iden­ti­fiHG DV DXVWLn 7URVW, 33, RI YDUGOHy. 2EVHUYDWLRnV RI 7URVW Ey WKH RI­fiFHU, DORnJ wLWK 7URVW’V in­abil­ity to suc­cess­fully com­plete a se­ries of fiHOG GHxWHULWy WHVWV, OHG WR 7URVW EHLnJ WDNHn LnWR cus­tody on sus­pi­cion of driv­ing while un­der the Ln­flXHnFH. 7URVW wDV WUDnVSRUWHG WR 6W. 0DUy Med­i­cal Cen­ter where sam­ples of his blood were ob­tained for anal­y­sis, af­ter which he was brought to po­lice head­quar­ters for pro­cess­ing, be­fore be­ing re­leased. Charges re­lat­ing to DUI are pend­ing the lab report.

THEFT FROM sE­HI­CLE – On the 100 block of Adams Court, the com­plainant re­ported at 3:10 a.m. that she saw two men root­ing through the glove box of her ve­hi­cle that was parked in the lot by her home. She last saw the sub­jects walking to­ward In­de­pen­dence Drive. On ar­rival RI­fiFHUV IRXnG WKDW XnNnRwn DFWRU(V) KDG JRnH through two ve­hi­cles - the com­plainant’s and one other. At the time of the report it was un­known what had been taken from ei­ther ve­hi­cle. 7KH fiUVW VXVSHFW wDV GHVFULEHG DV D wKLWH PDOH, wear­ing a gray sweat suit and knit cap. The sec­ond sus­pect was de­scribed as a white male, wear­ing a base­ball cap. No fur­ther de­scrip­tion of ei­ther sub­ject was pro­vided.

THEFT FROM sE­HI­CLE – On the 500 block of Adams Court, the vic­tim re­ported that some­time be­tween 10 p.m. on Dec. 8 and 10:30 a.m. Dec. 9, some­one had en­tered his un­locked ve­hi­cle and took an iPod Nano val­ued at $10.

THEFT FROM sE­HI­CLE - In front of build­ing 15 at Ben­nett Place, the vic­tim re­ported that some­time overnight un­known ac­tor(s) had en­tered his ve­hi­cle and took a pack con­tain­ing mis­cel­la­neous prop­erty. The pack was re­cov­ered in off of Tay­lor’s Way. The only item be­lieved to still be miss­ing was a $170 pair of sun­glasses.

THEFT FROM sE­HI­CLE – On the unit block of Tay­lor’s Way, the com­plainant re­ported that while driv­ing down Tay­lor’s Way he no­ticed FORWKLnJ DnG D EULHIFDVH OyLnJ XnGHU D WUHH. 2Ifi­cers re­cov­ered the items, learn­ing they had been re­moved from a ve­hi­cle on Tay­lor’s Way. The prop­erty was re­turned to the owner, who re­ported noth­ing else to be miss­ing from the ve­hi­cle.

THEFT FROM sE­HI­CLE - On the 300 block of Wayne Court, the com­plainant re­ported see­ing a purse ly­ing in the re­ten­tion basin across from the Ta­pes­try devel­op­ment pool. The purse wDV UHFRYHUHG Ey RI­fiFHUV, wKR IRXnG LW KDG EHHn taken from an un­locked ve­hi­cle on Wayne Court. The prop­erty was re­turned to the owner who in­di­cated noth­ing was miss­ing from it.

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