Free hol­i­day jazz at Mccaf­frey’s Mar­ket

The Advance of Bucks County - - POLICE REPORTS -

The BuFNs CounWy PeUIoUPLng AUWs CenWeU, Ln SaUWneUshLS wLWh MFCaIIUey’s oI YaUG­ley, SUe­senWs Whe BaL­ley TULo Ln a IUee holLGay Mazz FonFeUW on ThuUsGay, DeF. 20 begLn­nLng aW 7:30 S.P. The gUouS IeaWuUes BUenW Bai­ley on key­boards, Pa­trick Bai­ley on drums, Sean Bai­ley on wooGwLnGs, anG sSeFLal guesW -LP BaUWo on WUuPSeW anG flugel­horn. They will per­form hol­i­day clas­sics in­clud­ing sev­eral se­lecWLons by VLnFe GuaUalGL WhaW weUe PaGe SoSu­laU on Whe “ChaUlLe BUown ChULsWPas” TV show. The FonFeUW WaNes SlaFe aW MFCaIIUey’s 2nG FlooU Mez­zanLne IUoP 7:30 Wo 8:30 S.P. The sWoUe Ls loFaWeG aW 635 HeaFoFN RoaG Ln LoweU MaNe­fielG. A UeFeSWLon fol­lows the mu­sic and ad­mis­sion is free.

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