The Advance of Bucks County - - POLICE REPORTS -

• 2-1/4 FuSs sugaU • 2/3 FuSs unsweeWeneG Fo­Foa • 1/2 FuS FhoFo­laWe FhLSs • 1-1/4 FuSs flouU • 1 WeasSoon baNLng SowGeU • 1/4 WeasSoon salW

CoPbLne flouU, baNLng SowGeU anG salW. Pour into jar and seal. Add the co­coa and press. Next pour in the sugar. Top it off with the choco­late chips. At­tach the fol­low­ing di­rec­tions:

PUe­heaW oven Wo 350 GegUees. EPSWy PLx into a large bowl. Use your hands to mix WhoUoughly. AGG 3/4 FuS soIWeneG buWWeU oU mar­garine and four slightly beaten eggs. Mix un­til com­pletely blended with spoon. SSUeaG baWWeU LnWo a gUeaseG 9-by-13-LnFh San. BaNe aW 350 GegUees IoU 25 Wo 30 PLnuWes oU unWLl seW. Cool Ln San.

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