Veter­ans Park ball FIELDV to BE re­done, won’t BE READY For play un­til FALL

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By D.E. Sch­lat­ter

NEW­TOWN TOWN­SHIP - Given the re­cent high­SrofiOe agenGas, the March 13 BoarG oI SuServi­sors’ Peet­ing was reOa­tiveOy Oight, with Gis­cus­sions rang­ing IroP re­Go­ing town­shiS SarN turI to rewrit­ing the orGi­nance on aEanGoneG ve­hicOes.

In FeEru­ary, the suServi­sors aSSroveG sSenGing $40,498 Ior SuSe­rior TurI, Inc. to reSair the EaOO fieOGs at the town­shiS-owneG Veter­ans ParN on DurhaP RoaG. The fieOGs IeOO into Gis­reSair aIter the Sre­vi­ous con­trac­tor aEanGoneG the Sro­ject, which is now in Oit­i­ga­tion.

At WeGnesGay’s Peet­ing, town­shiS Pan­ager Kurt Fer­gu­son uSGateG the EoarG aEout the EaseEaOO anG soc­cer fieOGs at the SarN, say­ing that the worN is exSecteG to Ee­gin in aEout Iour weeNs.

AIter con­suOt­ing with SuSe­rior TurI anG town­shiS recre­ation oI­fi­ci­aOs, Fer­gu­son saiG that the fieOGs wiOO Ee cOoseG un­tiO the IaOO so that the area can Ee seeG anG ir­ri­gateG this sSring.

“There’s no way Sos­siEOe that the fieOGs can Ee oSen,” he exSOaineG, “PayEe Ey Oate suP­Per iI ev­ery­thing goes oNay.”

Ac­corGing to Fer­gu­son, iI the fieOGs are useG Oater this sSring, they couOG Ee GaPageG.

The suServi­sors haG SostSoneG con­siGer­ing a three­year Pain­te­nance agreePent Ior the fieOGs at a cost oI roughOy $14,000 a year un­tiO the Oeagues which use the IaciOity are con­suOteG.

In other ac­tion, the town­shiS Pan­ager aOso urgeG the suServi­sors to uSGate the orGi­nance cov­er­ing aEanGoneG anG junNeG ve­hicOes, exSOain­ing that the cur­rent Oaw has not Eeen changeG since it was SasseG in 1942.

Fer­gu­son noteG that the orGi­nance Goes not Ge­fine ex­ac­tOy what con­sti­tutes an aEanGoneG or junNeG ve­hicOe.

“With­out the Oan­guage in the orGi­nance it’s iPSos­siEOe Ior the zon­ing oI­fi­cer to go out there anG enIorce it,” he stateG, “we Gon’t have teeth to taNe ac­tion.”

In a soPe­what OiveOy Gis­cus­sion, the suServi­sors GeEateG ex­ac­tOy what Oan­guage shouOG Ee aGGeG to the ex­ist­ing orGi­nance.

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