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Cool Tunes, June OU, U p.m., ANM per per­son. Call for reser­va­tions, ON5-49P-65MM, ext. N9. Cross­ing sine­yards and tin­ery, NU5P tright­stown od. WASH­ING­TON CROSS­ING

GrooveFest Sum­mer Sol­stice 2K13, June ON, UWPM p.m., AP cover, with droove Train oi­ders, Traf­fic Jam, poul oebels and hhalid nue­sada. ju­r­phy’s Beef and Ale, bmily od. LE­VIT­TOWN

Lime­light, ev­ery Tues­day, 6 to NN p.m., de­orge pin­kler, pi­ano bar with guest mu­si­cians and singers; ev­ery ted­nes­day, Thurs­day and Fri­day, 6 to NM p.m., oich d, acous­ti­cal gui­tar and vo­cals; ev­ery patur­day, 6 to NM p.m., var­i­ous pi­ano play­ers and vo­cals; ev­ery patur­day, NM p.m. to clos­ing, karaoke by pandy. UNO korth bas­ton od. DOYLESTOWN

Open Mic, ev­ery ted­nes­day, NM p.m. to O p.m., full band set up, karaoke avail­able. AO ucall-it drink spe­cials from NM p.m. to NO a.m. pmok­ing and non-smok­ing rooms. jcptews fr­ish pports mub, 5PN6 kew Falls od. LE­VIT­TOWN

Bris­tol Town­ship Se­nior Cen­ter, June O4, tood­carv­ing 9 to NN a.m., Com­puter classes 9 to NN a.m., keedle­point 9 to NNWPM a.m., iine danc­ing 9W45 to NNWN5 a.m., Bingo NO to O p.m., cards and bil­liards daily, June O5, jedi­care coun­sel­ing – call county for ap­point­ment at O6T-UUM-5TMM - NM a.m. to NO p.m., tii Bowl­ing NO p.m., Zumba NWN5 p.m., bven­ing Bingo kitchen opens 5WPM p.m. barly Bird ppe­cials 6W45 p.m. fol­lowed by reg­u­lar Bingo; June O6, Bowl­ing Bris­tol mike ianes Eooute NPF NN a.m. all are wel­come to join con­tact Al oit­ter ON5TU5-6POO; June OT, Amer­i­can oed Cross N to P p.m., Com­put­ers 9 to NN a.m., iine Danc­ing 9W45 to NNWN5 a.m., Tai Chi N to P p.m.; June OU, Board jeet­ing 9 a.m., den­eral jem­ber­ship jeet­ing NM a.m., Bingo NO to O p.m., Ball­room Danc­ing TWPM to NMWPM p.m. O5MN Bath od. BRIS­TOL

Bucks County Al­ter­na­tive Bowl­ing League, jon­days, 6WN5 p.m. 9MU-PMP-5U5M or­ter­na­tive­bowl­ or bcal@live. com. Brunswick Zone ui, NMM b. ptreet od. FEAST­ER­VILLE

Bucks County Com­mit­tee for In­ter­ra­cial Har­mony, first jon­days, T p.m. katkaye@ star­ mennswood sil­lage, kew­tow­n­i­anghorne od. NEW­TOWN

Creative Hands in Com­mu­nity, Amer­i­can pew­ing duild, fourth jon­days, NM a.m. to NO p.m., Ben­salem iibrary, eu­l­meville od. BEN­SALEM

Delaware Val­ley Viet­nam Vet­er­ans, first ted­nes­days. ON5-949-O49M. UMM Coates Ave. BRIS­TOL

Falls Town­ship Se­nior Cen­ter, iow-fm­pact bx­er­cise, jon­days and Fri­days, NM a.m., AO; Bingo, jon­days, 6WN5 p.m., ted­nes­days, NOWN5 p.m.; je­mory Book jak­ing, Tues­days, 9 a.m.; T’ai Chi,Tues­days, NM a.m.; Thrift ptore, ted­nes­days, 9 a.m. to O p.m.; jem­ber­ship jeet­ings, ted­nes­days, NM a.m.; tii Bowl­ing, Thurs­days, 9WPM a.m.; Coun­try iine Danc­ing, ted­nes­days, T p.m.; iunch, jon­day, Tues­day, Thurs­day and Fri­day, noon, ted­nes­day, NNWPM a.m. ON5-54T-656P. OUO Tren­ton ooad. FAIR­LESS HILLS

Fly­ing Solo, for sep­a­rated or di­vorced in­di­vid­u­als, ted­nes­days, TWPM p.m. ON5-96U-PU6N or­town­pres.orgL­pagesLfly­ing_­solo. kew­town mres­by­te­rian Church, bt­tenger eall. NEW­TOWN

GRASP, third Thurs­day, 6WPM to U p.m., pouth­ern Bucks oe­cov­ery Com­mu­nity Cen­ter in the Bris­tol lf­fice Cen­ter at NOU6 seter­ans ewy. Bof­pTli

eome ja­chine bm­broi­dery Club, patur­days, NN a.m. ON5-6PP-N565. ianghorne iibrary, PMN p. mine pt. iAkde­lokb

ianghorne pe­niors As­so­ci­a­tion, fourth Tues- days, NN a.m. ON5-T5T-ONUN. ianghorne rnited jethodist Church, ot. ONP. iAkde­lokb

iower Bucks Dog Train­ing Club, first jon­days, TWPM p.m. Classes for obe­di­ence, rally, com­pe­ti­tion, fly­ball, and show. ANMM for eight weeks. ON5-49P-NOMN. ievit­town iibrary. LE­VIT­TOWN

LRwHr MDNH­fiHOG SHQLRrV, Art Classes, Bocce, Bowl­ing, Bridge, dold, iine Danc­ing, jovie pcreen­ings, Trivia, Book Club and tii dames weekly. www.lmt.orgLse­niors.htm. NNMM bdge­wood od. YARD­LEY

Mid­dle­town Se­nior Cen­ter, Join us for many fun ac­tiv­i­ties, in­clud­ing Full dym Ewith doc­tor’s noteF, pe­nior Aer­o­bics, iow fm­pact Aer­o­bics, pcrab­ble, Ce­ram­ics, ppelling, Bridge, minochle, tood­shop, Cho­rus, Art Class, Chair Yoga, iine Danc­ing, tii, dar­den Club, Cro­chet­ing, Bil­liards, ming mong, Cam­era Club, Blood mres­sure Checks, Flea jar­ket, miano, Ac­tive oed eat droups, Com­puter Classes, jah Jong, Al­ter­ations, Bingo, iunch, Cho­rus and many ex­cit­ing trips lo­cally and out of state. AN5 An­nual Fee. ON5-945-O9OM. ON4O Tren­ton ooad. LE­VIT­TOWN

Mor­risville Se­nior Cen­ter, tii Bowl­ing, jon­days, 9 a.m.; Art Classes, Tues­days, 9WPM a.m., AN mem­bers, AO non-mem­bers; menny Bingo, Tues­days, 9WPM a.m.; Blood mres­sure Checks, sec­ond and fourth Tues­days, NM a.m.; Arm­chair bx­er­cises, Tues­days, NNWPM a.m.; jem­ber­ship jeet­ing, Tues­days, N p.m.; nuilt­ing, ted­nes­days, 9WPM a.m.; Bus Trips, sec­ond ted­nes­days, noon; iine Danc­ing, first, third and fourth ted­nes­days, N p.m., AN mem­bers, AO non-mem­bers; Card & Board dames, Thurs­days, 9WPM a.m.; Com­puter Dis­cus­sion, Thurs­days, NM a.m.; Bowl­ing, Fri­days, N p.m. ON5-O95-M56T. PN b. Cleve­land Ave. MOR­RISVILLE

Mor­risville Stamp Club, fourth ted­nes­days, O p.m. ON5-T5M-NTM4. jor­risville rnited Church, 5MN t. japle Ave. MOR­RISVILLE

Mothers and Oth­ers Quilt­ing Group, Tues­days, NM a.m. to P p.m. ear­ri­man rnited jethodist Church, til­son Ave. BRIS­TOL

NBA Mem­ber Break­fast, June O5, TWPM to 9 a.m., Cor­ner Bak­ery, P test od. NEW­TOWN

Northamp­ton Se­nior Cen­ter, Bil­liards, Bocce, Bingo, Bridge, Darts, minochle, tater­col­ors, Yoga, ages 55 and up, mem­ber­ship AOM per year. ON5-P5T-UN99. N65 Town­ship od. RICH­BORO

Scrab­ble Club, third Tues­days. ON5-96U9OTU. tright­stown iibrary Com­mu­nity ooom, TOT menns mark od. WRIGHT­STOWN

Sil­ver Lake Na­ture Cen­ter, June O9, Delaware oiver po­journ, U a.m. to 4 p.m.; June PM, pun­day ptroll, O to P p.m. mre-reg­is­ter for all events by call­ing ON5-TU5-NNTT. NPM6 Bath od. BRIS­TOL

Stitch & Chat, ev­ery fourth Tues­day, 6WPM to UWN5 p.m., ievit­town oe­gional iibrary, TPNN kew Falls od. LE­VIT­TOWN

To Live Again, for wi­d­ows and wid­ow­ers. ON5-P5T-OMO5. den­eral meet­ings, sec­ond Tues­days, T p.m., paint ptephen iutheran Church, ptreet od. and Bustle­ton mike. FEAST­ER­VILLE.

Ven­tur­ing, youth de­vel­op­ment pro­gram for ages N4-OM, first and third ted­nes­days, T p.m. ON5-6PM-TN6M. Bris­tol blks iodge 9TM, 95 tood pt. BRIS­TOL

Vil­lages at Twin Pines, Com­mu­nity jeet­ing, fourth ted­nes­days, T p.m. www.rsl.comL twin­pines or twin­pines­ NOMO meb­ble Creek Court. PEN­NING­TON, NJ

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