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iime­light, ev­ery Tues­day, S to 11 p.m., Ge­orge pin­kler, pi­ano bar with guest mu­si­cians and singers; ev­ery Wed­nes­day, Thurs­day and Fri­day, S to 10 p.m., Rich G, acous­ti­cal gui­tar and vo­cals; ev­ery patur­day, S to 10 p.m., var­i­ous pi­ano play­ers and vo­cals; ev­ery patur­day, 10 p.m. to clos­ing, karaoke by pandy. 812 North Eas­ton Rd. DlvibpTltk

lpen Mic, ev­ery Wed­nes­day, 10 p.m. to 2 p.m., acous­tic set up, karaoke avail­able. $2 u-call-it drink spe­cials from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. pmok­ing and non-smok­ing rooms. Mcptews Ir­ish pports Pub, 5P1S New Falls Rd. ib­sITTltk

Pa­tri­otic Con­cert, July P, 7 to 9 p.m., free, paint Bede the Ven­er­a­ble parish, 1071 Hol­land Rd. eli­iAkD

Pp.m. Tcur­tis@tren­ Liven­grin Coun­sel­ing Cen­ter, 48PP Hul­meville Rd. BbkpAibM

Bris­tol Bor­ough Ac­tive Adult Cen­ter, Com­puter Classes; Line aanc­ing, Mon­days, 10:15 a.m., $P; Tap aanc­ing, Mon­days, 12:P0 p.m.; Art Classes, Wed­nes­days; Bingo, Fri­days, 12 p.m.; Cro­chet and hnit­ting Group, Wed­nes­days, 12:P0 p.m.; Ir­ish aance, Wed­nes­days, 1 p.m.; Tai Chi, Fri­days, 10:P0 a.m.; Gen­eral Mem­ber­ship Meet­ings, third Wed­nes­days, 12:P0 p.m. 215-788-92P8. P01 Wood pt. BRIpTOL

Bris­tol Bor­ough Com­mu­nity Part­ner­ship, sec­ond Wed­nes­days, 4:P0 p.m. 215781-SS02, ext. 101 or­com­mu­ni­ty­part­ner­ or lvasso@fs­ Mar­garet R. Grundy Me­mo­rial Li­brary, S80 Rad­cliffe pt. BoIpTli

Bucks County Al­ter­na­tive Bowl­ing League, Mon­days, S:15 p.m. 908-P0P5850 or­ter­na­tive­bowl­ or Brunswick wone uL, 100 E. ptreet Rd. FbApT­bosIiib

Bucks County Com­mit­tee for In­ter­ra­cial ear­mony, fiUVW 0RNGDYV, 7 S.P. 1DWkaye@star­ Pennswood Vil­lage, New­town-Langhorne Rd. kbtTltk

Creative eands in Com­mu­nity, Amer­i­can pew­ing Guild, fourth Mon­days, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Ben­salem Li­brary, Hul­meville Rd. BbkpAibM

Delaware sal­ley siet­nam seter­ans, fiUVW :HGNHVGDYV. 215-949-2490. 800 Coates Ave. BoIpTli

Falls Town­ship pe­nior Cen­ter, Low­Im­pact Ex­er­cise, Mon­days and Fri­days, 10 a.m., $2; Bingo, Mon­days, S:15 p.m., Wed­nes­days, 12:15 p.m.; Mem­ory Book Mak­ing, Tues­days, 9 a.m.; T’ai Chi,Tues­days, 10 a.m.; Thrift ptore, Wed­nes­days, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Mem­ber­ship Meet­ings, Wed­nes­days, 10 a.m.; Wii Bowl­ing, Thurs­days, 9:P0 a.m.; Coun­try Line aanc­ing, Wed­nes­days, 7 p.m.; Lunch, Mon­day, Tues­day, Thurs­day and Fri­day, noon, Wed­nes­day, 11:P0 a.m. 215-547S5SP. 282 Tren­ton Road. FAIoibpp eIiip

Fly­ing polo, for sep­a­rated or di­vorced in­di­vid­u­als, Wed­nes­days, 7:P0 p.m. 215-9S83861 RU ZZZ.NHZWRZNSUHV.RUJ/SDJHV/flY­ing_­solo. New­town Pres­by­te­rian Church, Et­tenger Hall. kbtTltk

doApP, third Thurs­day, S:P0 to 8 p.m., pouth­ern Bucks Re­cov­ery Com­mu­nity CHNWHU LN WKH BULVWRO 2IfiFH CHNWHU DW 1286 Vet­er­ans Hwy. BoIpTli

eome Ma­chine bm­broi­dery Club, patur­days, 11 a.m. 215-SPP-15S5. Langhorne Li­brary, P01 p. Pine pt. iAkde­lokb

ianghorne pe­niors As­so­ci­a­tion, fourth Tues­days, 11 a.m. 215-757-2181. Langhorne rnited Methodist Church, Rt. 21P. iAkde­lokb

iower Bucks Dog Train­ing Club, fiUVW Mon­days, 7:P0 p.m. Classes for obe­di­ence, UDOOY, FRPSHWLWLRN, flY­EDOO, DNG VKRZ. $100 for eight weeks. 215-49P-1201. Le­vit­town Li­brary. ib­sITTltk

LRwer MDNe­fieOd SenLRrV, Art Classes, Bocce, Bowl­ing, Bridge, Gold, Line aanc­ing, Movie pcreen­ings, Trivia, Book Club and Wii Games weekly.­niors.htm. 1100 Edge­wood Rd. vAoDibv

MLd­dOeWRwn SenLRr CenWer, Join us for many fun ac­tiv­i­ties, in­clud­ing Full Gym (with doc­tor’s note), pe­nior Aer­o­bics, Low Im­pact Aer­o­bics, pcrab­ble, Ce­ram­ics, ppelling, Bridge, Pinochle, Wood­shop, Cho­rus, Art Class, Chair voga, Line aanc­ing, Wii, Gar­den Club, Cro­chet­ing, Bil­liards, Ping Pong, Cam­era Club, Blood Pres­sure Checks, Flea Mar­ket, Pi­ano, Ac­tive Red Hat Groups, Com­puter Classes, Mah Jong, Al­ter­ations, Bingo, Lunch, Cho­rus and many ex­cit­ing trips lo­cally and out of state. $15 An­nual Fee. 215-945-2920. 2142 Tren­ton Road. ib­sITTltk

MRr­rLVYLOOe SenLRr CenWer, Wii Bowl­ing, Mon­days, 9 a.m.; Art Classes, Tues­days, 9:P0 a.m., $1 mem­bers, $2 non­mem­bers; Penny Bingo, Tues­days, 9:P0 a.m.; Blood Pres­sure Checks, sec­ond and fourth Tues­days, 10 a.m.; Arm­chair Ex­er­cises, Tues­days, 11:P0 a.m.; Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing, Tues­days, 1 p.m.; nuilt­ing, Wed­nes­days, 9:P0 a.m.; Bus Trips, sec­ond :HGQHVGDyV, QRRQ; /LQH DDQFLQJ, fiUVW, third and fourth Wed­nes­days, 1 p.m., $1 mem­bers, $2 non-mem­bers; Card C Board Games, Thurs­days, 9:P0 a.m.; Com­puter ais­cus­sion, Thurs­days, 10 a.m.; Bowl­ing, Fri­days, 1 p.m. 215-295-05S7. P1 E. Cleve­land Ave. MOR­RISVILLE

MRr­rLVYLOOe SWDmp COuE, fourth Wed­nes­days, 2 p.m. 215-750-1704. Mor­risville rnited Church, 501 W. Maple Ave. MOR­RISVILLE

MRWherV Dnd OWherV QuLOWLng GrRup, Tues­days, 10 a.m. to P p.m. Har­ri­man rnited Methodist Church, Wil­son Ave. BRIpTOL

NRrWhDm­pWRn SenLRr CenWer, Bil­liards, Bocce, Bingo, Bridge, aarts, Pinochle, Wa­ter­col­ors, voga, ages 55 and up, mem­ber­ship $20 per year. 215-P57-8199. 1S5 Town­ship Rd. RICH­BORO

ScrDEEOe COuE, third Tues­days. 2159S8-9278. Wright­stown Li­brary Com­mu­nity Room, 727 Penns Park Rd. WRIGHT­STOWN

SLOYer LDNe NDWure CenWer, June 29, aelaware River po­journ, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; June P0, pun­day ptroll, 2 to P p.m. Pre­reg­is­ter for all events by call­ing 215-7851177. 1P0S Bath Rd. BRIS­TOL

SWLWch & ChDW, ev­ery fourth Tues­day, S:P0 to 8:15 p.m., Le­vit­town Re­gional Li­brary, 7P11 New Falls Rd. ib­sITTltk

TR LLYe AgDLn, for wi­d­ows and wid­ow­ers. 215-P57-2025. Gen­eral meet­ings, sec­ond Tues­days, 7 p.m., paint ptephen Lutheran Church, ptreet Rd. and Bustle­ton Pike. FEAST­ER­VILLE.

VenWurLng, youth de­vel­op­ment pro­gram IRU DJHV 14-20, fiUVW DQG WhLUG :HGQHVGDyV, 7 p.m. 215-SP0-71S0. Bris­tol Elks Lodge 970, 95 Wood pt. BRIS­TOL

VLOODgeV DW TwLn PLneV, Com­mu­nity Meet­ing, fourth Wed­nes­days, 7 p.m. www.­pines or twin­pines­board@ 1202 Peb­ble Creek Court. PEN­NING­TON, N

Wash­ing­ton Cross­ing Card Col­lec­tor Club, July 8, 8 p.m., rnion Fire Hall Ball­room, 1P9S River Rd. TITUSVILLE, N-

TRIPS BrLVWRO CuOWurDO Dnd HLVWRrLcDO FRundDWLRn, aec. S, Fair­mont Park Hol­i­day House Tour. In­cludes tours of Mt. Pleas­ant and ptraw­berry Man­sion, plus Bel­mont Man­sion which is an rn­der­ground Rail­road Mu­seum, and lunch at the Wa­ter­works; $90 for BCHF mem­bers; $9P for non-mem­bers; $25 pp de­posit by July 12. Call 215-7889408. BRIS­TOL

MLd­dOeWRwn SenLRrV’ BuV TrLpV, July 24, River Boat Lunch Cruise, Toms River, N.J. and Valen­zano Win­ery, $80, leaves 9 a.m., re­turns 5:P0 p.m.; autch Ap­ple ainQHU 7hHDWUH’V “6RuWh 3DFL­fiF” DQG OuQFh buffet, Lan­caster, $84, leaves 8:45 a.m., re­turns 5:45 p.m. Make checks payable to M.p.C.A. Buses de­part from Mid­dle­town pe­nior Cit­i­zen’s As­so­ci­a­tion 2142 Tren­ton

Rd. ib­sITTltk

LE­VIT­TOWN - The old­est and largest fair and car­ni­val in Lower Bucks County takes place June 25 to July 7 at St. Michael’s Church, 66 Le­vit­town Park­way, Le­vit­town. The fair opens nightly at 6 p.m. with rides by Rei­thof­fer Shows, Inc., food and games....

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