Coun­cil de­bates tak­ing ac­tion against tav­ern

The Ambler Gazette - - FRONT PAGE - By Eric Devlin

FLnn 0FCool’s Dp­pHDUs Wo EH on thin ice with Ambler Bor­ough CounFLl, Ds oI­fiFLDls DJUHHG Wo JLvH WhH WDvHUn Wwo PoUH wHHNs Wo show le­git­i­mate signs of try­ing to re­open be­fore le­gal ac­tion will be­gin at the Aug. 21 coun­cil meet­ing.

Part of a side wall of the Finn 0FCool’s EuLlGLnJ IDFLnJ SouWh SpULnJ GDUGHn SWUHHW Fol­lDp­sHG LnWo the street May 2, clos­ing off the street for use and caus­ing the tav­ern to shut down un­til re­pairs to the wall could be made and the build­ing deemed struc­turally safe. In late June, no signs of progress had oc­curred, caus­ing many from the bor­ough to won­der when the street would re­open.

In June, coun­cil mem­bers agreed to draft a strongly worded let­ter to WhH ownHUs oI FLnn 0FCool’s DGvLsLnJ WhHP Wo WDNH WhH nHFHssDUy sWHps with their in­sur­ance com­pany so as to re­open the street and res­tau­rant. The rea­son for the let­ter was to show the bor­ough was get­ting im­pa­tient, but not to pro­vide le­gal prob­lems for a res­tau­rant that had fallen on hard times, just yet.

With lit­tle vis­i­ble signs of progUHss, FounFLl PHPEHU 3DW SWUus brought up the mat­ter for de­bate at the coun­cil meet­ing in or­der to deWHUPLnH WhH nHxW sWHps.

“We heard that money would be com­ing in shortly, we haven’t seen Dny DFWLon,” sDLG BoUouJh 0DnDJHU Mary Aversa.

BoUouJh SolLFLWoU -os­Hph BUHs­nDn said un­der the build­ing code, the bor­ough could cite the tav­ern for an un­safe con­di­tion and if that ci­ta­tion was ig­nored, it could get a court orGHU Wo Dl­low oI­fiFLDls DFFHss Ln­sLGH WhH EuLlGLnJ Wo Go HnouJh woUN Wo open the street.

Aversa said the con­cern would be the price of the re­pairs, which could cost as much as $50,000, “and we would have to put the money out and

go af­ter them for it.”

Code En­forFe­ment Of­fiFer Ron My­ers said he asked the own­ers of Finn MFCooO’s to hire an en­gi­neer to in­speFt the rest of the EuiOd­ing to make sure it was struF­tu­raOOy safe in or­der to re­move the fenFing Fur­ren­tOy EOoFk­ing 6outh 6pring Gar­den 6treet.

Ber­nadette Dougherty, a feOOow AmEOer Eu­si­ness owner, toOd FounFiO she spoke with AOOen Laken of Roma ReaOty, the owner of the EuiOd­ing, who toOd her there was a Fover­age dis­pute with the in­sur­anFe Fom­pany Eut the in­sur­anFe Fom­pany has fi­naOOy agreed to treat the is­sue as a Oe­git­i­mate FOaim and wiOO pay for it.

At­tempts to reaFh Laken for Fom- ment were un­suFFess­fuO as of press time.

Upon hear­ing this, the FounFiO agreed to give Finn MFCooO’s two more weeks on the FhanFe new in­for­ma­tion FouOd Ee pre­sented within that time.

,n other Eu­si­ness, Eor­ough FounFiO agreed to enOarge a wa­ter pipe as part of the de­veOop­ment of Bot­tom DoOOar Food groFery store.

The wa­ter main on 3ark Av­enue Fross­ing over ButOer Av­enue to RaFe 6treet wiOO need to Ee enOarged in or­der to meet the fire serviFe for the EuiOd­ing of the new groFery store, aF­Ford­ing to FounFiO. The to­taO Fost for the enOarge­ment to the Eor­ough wiOO Ee $27,000, whiFh in­FOudes pre­par­ing doFu­ments, ma­te­ri­aOs and any ad­di­tionaO Fosts.

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