Nor­ris­town slips past U.dublin

The Ambler Gazette - - OPINION - By Nick Iuele

Nor­ris­town and Up­per Dublin waged a de­fen­sive war against each other. It was a shame only one side could come out on top.

The Ea­gles up­ended the CDUGinDlV, 2-1, EuW iW WRRN Dll each of­fense could muster to squeeze out the goals. Us­ing VRliG GeIenVe WKURuJKRuW, ei­ther team could have won the game. Whether it was Rne Rn Rne, Kelp RU RveUDll WeDP GeIenVe, eDFK wDV GRne well, wKiFK iV wKy WKe EDllV that did go in the net were im­pres­sive.

“My team started pass­ing well and when that hap­peneG, UppeU DuElin KDG to ad­just and we were able WR VFRUe D FRu­ple JRDlV,” 1RUUiVWRwn FRDFK 6WDFie 6WDuIenEeUJ VDiG. “:e MuVW kept pres­sur­ing them and pUeVVuUinJ WKeP, EuW I Nnew WKey wRulG fiJKW EDFN in WKe VeFRnG KDlI.”

Up­per Dublin did well GeIenGinJ iWV finDl WKiUG, EuW Nor­ris­town’s pass­ing was on point throughout the game. TKe EDJleV’ fiUVW JRDl FDPe wiWK 11:57 leIW in WKe fiUVW when they got out on the break off a turnover. Af­ter re­ceiv­ing a long pass from PiG­fielG, APeliD 6FKunGeU IRunG .eUUi HunWeU FuWWinJ across goal and the ball took D Ge­fleFWiRn RII HunWeU’V stick and into the net.

“I thought the de­fense plDyeG well,” UppeU DuElin FRDFK HeDWKeU BRyeU VDiG. “Nor­ris­town is a fast team and had suc­cess on the break DJDinVW uV. BuW, we GiG D niFe job of keep­ing them off re­bounds and off the keeper’s pDGV, wKiFK iV KDUG WR GR. Credit to Nor­ris­town for tak­ing ad­van­tage of the few PiVWDNeV WKDW we PDGe.”

Nor­ris­town pres­sured VRPe PRUe DIWeU WKe JRDl, EuW the Car­di­nals’ de­fense stood strong. Both sides had its chances on of­fense—Nor­ris­town barely got through WR WKe NeepeU, EuW linJeUeG in WKe UppeU DuElin finDl third for most of the half. The Car­di­nals were sim­ply un­luFNy Rn D Iew RFFDViRnV, just miss­ing side or hav­ing a break­away quelled. Ea­gles’ goal­keeper Jes­sica Grose was forced to make seven saves in the half.

The sec­ond half was a night­mare start for Up­per Dublin. Norrsitown’s Jen­nifer Meninger strode past a de­fen­sive break­down and VFRUeG, puWWinJ WKe EDJleV on top 2-0. A goal to start off the sec­ond half could have

Whey reaOOy sWeSSed uS ShysL­caOOy.”

The Lady CardL­naOs (1-30, 1-2-0) had Whe ma­jorLWy of Whe scorLng chances Ln Whe firsW 40 mLnuWes, buW Whe fi­naO 40 were a comSOeWeOy dLf­fer­enW sWory.

Thanks Wo a Ser­fecW Oong Sass from senLor Anna McHugh, LeLbovLWz was abOe Wo go Ln and score on USSer DubOLn goaO­keeSer AOexLs Rama for a 1-0 CheOWen­ham Oead. Mo­menWs OaWer, LeLbowLWz wenW Ln by herseOf on Whe rLghW sLde and Wook a greaW shoW whLch de­flecWed off of Rama’s fin­gerWLSs LnWo Whe OefW cor­ner of Whe neW.

AfWer USSer DubOLn was abOe Wo geW one goaO back Oess Whan a mLnuWe OaWer, when BrLgLd PeyWon beaW CheOWen­ham soSho­more goaO­keeSer AOOLe WLOOLams, LeLbovLWz was agaLn fed wLWh a Ser­fecW Oong Sass, WhLs WLme from senLor SOoane Mack­OLn, who scored her haW WrLck goaO and SuW Whe Lady PanWhers uS by Wwo.

“I WhLnk we were a OoW more ShysL­caO goLng wLWh Wack­Oes and makLng beWWer decLsLons Ln Whe sec­ond haOf,” LeLbovLWz saLd. “Our Sasses were geWWLng Whrough Whe hoOes and we had some­one Wo finLsh Whem.”

The Lady CardL­naOs’ chances were few and far beWween Ln Whe sec­ond haOf, someWhLng whLch USSer DubOLn coach John ToSSer credLWed Wo Whe SOay of CheOWen­ham.

“There’s a dLf­fer­enW flow Wo ev­ery game and Lf you don’W caSLWaOLze, WhLngs aren’W goLng Wo go your way and you rLsk whaW haSSened Wo­day haSSenLng,” ToSSer saLd. “CheOWen­ham made some ad­jusW­menWs and Whey have some SreWWy dan­ger­ous SOay­ers on WoS. They caSLWaOLzed and we dLdn’W and Whey aWWacked us and you have Wo credLW Whem. If we geW an earOy goaO, maybe WhLngs go dLf­fer­enWOy.”

USSer DubOLn goW five saves Ln neW from Rama Ln Whe OosLng ef­forW. The Lady CardL­naOs wLOO Oook Wo even uS WheLr Oeague record when Whey hosW USSer MoreOand on FrL­day.

As for CheOWen­ham, whLch has now beaWen a couSOe of TuaOLWy AmerL­can Con­fer­ence Weams, Whe nexW WesW Ls a road maWchuS aW WLs­sahLckon on FrL­day.

“We recognLze WLs­sahLckon OLke we dLd USSer DubOLn and POy­mouWh WhLWe­marsh,” Wood­cock saLd. “We know Whey’re one of Whe eOLWe Weams Ln Whe con­fer­ence and LW’s goLng Wo be a ma­jor WesW for us.”

Mont­gomery Me­dia / BOB RAINES

Wis­sahickon goal­keeper John Car­rozza de­flects the ball away from Spring­field’s Ri­ley Woron dur­ing Mon­day’s Subur­ban One Amer­i­can Con­fer­ence match.

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