Tro­jans down Colo­nials in lop­sided af­fair

The Ambler Gazette - - OPINION - By Denny Dyroff

For Mont­gomery Me­dia

In KiJK VFKRRl fielG KRFNey, D WeDP neeGV WR elevDWe its level of play if it plans on GRinJ well Rn DUWi­fiFiDl WuUI fielGV.

2n D lRFDl level, D WeDP needs to el­e­vate its level of play if it plans on beat­ing Wis­sahickon — on grass or on turf.

AnG, D WeDP KDV WR ViJnifiFDnWly elevDWe iWV level RI play if it har­bors any hopes of knock­ing off the Tro­jans Rn WKeiU Rwn DUWi­fiFiDl WuUI fielG — WKeiU veUy IDVW DUWi­fiFiDl WuUI fielG.

Ply­mouth Whitemarsh’s team re­ceived this mes­sage fiUVW-KDnG TueVGDy DIWeUnoon when it ven­tured into Wis­sahickon’s sta­dium for D 6uEuUEDn 2ne APeUiFDn Con­fer­ence game against the Tro­jans.

If PW’s play­ers or coaches were forced to watch a video UeFRUGinJ RI WKe JDPe, WKe ones forc­ing them to do so could be ar­rested for vi­o­lat­ing an in­ter­na­tional “An­tiTRUWuUe AFW.”

The Tro­jans con­trolled ev­ery facet of the game. They uVeG D FRPEinDWiRn RI TuiFN, rock-solid de­fense and efIeFWive, DJJUeVVive RIIenVe to pro­duce a lop-sided 9-0 con­fer­ence win. They also white­washed their vis­i­tors in cor­ners and shots.

Wis­sahickon’s at­tack was led by a trio of vet­er­ans — EPily GDl­lDJKeU, wKR KDG three goals and one as­sist; An­Jie 9iUWu, wKR KDG Rne goal and two as­sists; and -DFNie HiEEV, wKR KDG Rne goal and four as­sists.

Virtu’s points came from WKe TURMDnV’ fiUVW WKUee JRDlV. 6Ke VDnGwiFKeG DVViVWV Rn goals by Gal­lagher with 18:49 leIW in WKe fiUVW DnG with 2:06 elapsed in the sec­ond half around a goal she scored her­self off an as­sist IURP HiEEV wiWK 17:59 Ue­main­ing in the open­ing pe­riod.

“2uU fiUVW JRDl wDV Rn D FRUneU,” VDiG GDl­lDJKeU, D Ve­nior. “I en­tered it in to Ang (9iUWu) DnG VKe KiW iW WR Py pRVW. I JRW WKeUe DnG Ge­fleFWeG iW in. 2n RuU WKiUG JRDl, there was a scram­ble. Angie

Wook LW Ln. When I goW LW, I jusW hLW LW Ln.”

“Our sec­ond goaO sWarWed wLWh a cor­ner,” VLrWu saLd. “EmLOy enWered Wo JackLe and JackLe hLW LW across Wo me. I saw WhaW Whe uSSer rLghW­hand cor­ner of Whe goaO was oSen so I jusW drag-flLcked LW Ln.”

The Tro­jans Oed 2-0 aW haOfWLme. In Whe sec­ond haOf, Whe flood­gaWes oSened. AfWer GaOOagher scored earOy, iind­say An­der­son scored Whree mLnuWes OaWer off an as­sLsW from GaOOagher. WLWh 18:50 OefW, CaWherLne CamSbeOO scored wLWh HLbbs on Whe as­sLsW.

An­der­son SLcked uS her sec­ond goaO of Whe game wLWh a score aW Whe 14:59 mark and When HLbbs fired Ln a rockeW bOasW aW Whe 12:20 mark. HLbbs as­sLsWed on a goaO by GaOOagher wLWh 5:02 OefW and on a goaO by SoShLe HessOer.

Mont­gomery Me­dia / BOB RAINES

Wis­sahickon’s Jackie Hibbs pushes the ball up field dur­ing Wed­nes­day’s game against Ply­mouth Whitemarsh.

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